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Sell Like You Don’t Need The Money with Paul Roy

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Selling is more than just an art. Selling is about listening.

When we listen, opportunities often present themselves. More importantly, your potential customer knows when you’re rushing to close the sale. They can sense when you need the commission.

This is a terrible position to find yourself in because the transaction becomes about you and not them. Your deal is toast. When you sell like you don’t need the money it becomes about the value in what you’re proposing.

Why is it that some people are better salespeople than others?

Of course, the reasons vary. Many books have been written on the subject and I expect many more will be written in the years to come. Once again there is no single solution that works for all.

Companies like Sandler, Xerox, Miller Heiman and Dale Carnegie all have successful programs that will help you close a higher percentage of sales due to their proven sales formulas. If you’ve never taken a professional training session you should understand that two things are certain. You have to have a system and you have to present yourself as being credible.

I was a certified Miller Heiman sales trainer for a large corporation. It was not the full Miller program but adapted to their Conceptual Selling studies related to the Office Products Industry. I traveled the Eastern US and Canada presenting the Conceptual Selling system to the regional sales teams. What I saw in the field amazed me.

So much of the training was about products and not about how to create loyalty and respect. I can tell you when it’s about products the next place the customer goes is the price. There is no loyalty in price so get over that notion. You’re only as good as your last quote when it’s about price. Selling like you don’t need the money makes it about them and helping them purchase the product adverse to you selling the product or service.

All the best closing techniques are useless if your prospect senses you need the money.

Selling like you don’t need the money says several things.

  • The customer’s best interests are at hand.
  • That you’re knowledgeable and confident your product or service fits their need.
  • The process is a shared experience and no one is in complete control.
  • The solution takes into account the long-term benefits and not just the immediate requirement.
  • You don’t need this sale to make your car or mortgage payment.

Selling like you don’t need the money has benefits for you too.

  • You’re creating life-long customers.
  • Business finds its way to you – I call it pulling business instead of pushing business.
  • Your income will be more consistent.
  • Your existing customers will gladly provide you with referrals.
  • You don’t have to sell the product twice because it was sold (purchased) right the first time.

There’s nothing like good old-fashioned respect and self-confidence as a good starting point. All the best salespeople out there make it about the customer. Price becomes irrelevant if there’s value. It’s your role to help your potential customers and prospects make an informed consenting purchase that benefits them.

 About Paul Roy

Paul Roy is a Business Coach located in Halifax Canada.  He brings with him vast experience as a business owner for 25 years and has a coaching Certification. In the companies, Paul owned or managed he was always the sales and marketing arm insuring growth. His underlying passion is to help his clients grow quickly and more importantly create the profitable company of their dreams. 

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