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One Thing: Day 178: Politics, War and Sport

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Day 178: Politics, War and Sport

Last week I was explaining pivoting, barter, maximizing your output, and working to your strengths as a powerhouse business coach.

I was thinking about what I’d send in this week’s emails while driving alone in my car wearing a pair of gloves and a mask.

And just in case…

A condom.

X Large.

But not really…

Stop being weird.


“The Ultimate Competitive Advantage”

I’ve done this with live groups and no one ever gets it right.

For a small guy, I was a reasonable hockey player against older, bigger, tougher foes… there was one thing I’d say I had over the other players when I was dominating.

And when I was being dominated (stop picturing me in leathers with an apple in my mouth, Weirdo!) the other players were doing this to me.

When soldiers are at War the exact same competitive advantage is at play.

Take a guess what the ‘Ultimate Competitive Advantage’ is:

When playing hockey.

When playing any sport.

When discussing politics.

When debating.

When selling.

When at war.

When doing high-level business.

I’m going to guess you’d say….


You’ve got an inferior game plan and you communicate it with your players perfectly.

Congrats, you just lost the game but sounded great doing it.


Congrats, that same inferior game plan got deployed… but you shook hands after losing (unlike Isiah Thomas).

The list goes on and the answers are almost always exactly the same and predictable.

I almost guarantee you won’t get it right.

But it’s CRITICAL for you and your coaching clients to have real success.

The answer?












The war is won in the tents… not in the trenches.

Wayne Gretzky is famous for saying he didn’t go to where the puck was… he went to where the puck was going to be.

That’s kinda it but the ability to see the entire playing field is ten times more powerful.

When you’re elite the entire game slows down for you.

Anyone that was seeing ‘the entire playing field’ knew that when they said ‘2-week lockdowns’ there was zero chance of a ‘2-week lockdown’.

Months later here we are.



The view of ‘the entire playing fiend’ also easily predicted people would turn on each other and the social pressure of ‘We’re All in This Together’ bologna.  

Are any of the government employees getting laid off?

Are any of the government officials “concerned” about a pay cut?

Are their benefits in jeopardy?

Is their retirement at threat…?

Didn’t think so.

We’re all in this… but we’re most certainly not all in this together.

I’m not telling you to run around the neighborhood and hug and kiss and start licking elevator buttons.

Be responsible and I take that seriously.

But question EVERYTHING and always consider the source of the information.

You heard it here first.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

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