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What Bitcoin means to Business Coaches with Karl Bryan

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This is about conversion from Bitcoin to Paypal and what it is and what every business coach can learn from it.

Your FB feed was absolutely FULL of it… then it crashed and suddenly the experts disappeared. So did all their money! BTW – Bitcoin traded for $1 in 2011.

Who knows where it’s at when you’re reading this but expect that trend to continue. Always the same.

Picture yourself having a business that’s not yet nine years old and was started as a side gig. When you told your friends and colleagues about it they were confused more than anything and pretty much ignored it and you.

Eight and a half years later, that side project had become a monster worth more than $200 BILLION… used by over ten million people…. and now dominates front page news across the planet. Your friends that “believed in you” are now Bitcoin millionaires (if they cashed out they’re REAL millionaires – but we all know they didn’t). For people who want to get started with Bitcoin investment  – is the right platform to get started with valuable and reliable sites.

I only wish Bitcoin was a consulting client of mine and that I had a contingency agreement with them. LOL!

Listen, I’m not here to give you investing advice on Bitcoin and frankly I will not pretend to know its potential for long term success. If you want, you can find out the bitcoin news today all by yourself. Opinions vary far and wide… from John McAfee, a nutcase but savvy investor, saying and I quote “if Bitcoin does not hit $500,000 within 3 years he will bite his own di** off on national TV” (LOL).

At the other end of the spectrum is Warren Buffett who is also on record as saying “Crypto currency will most certainly end badly.” It is important know the Cryptocurrency Heat Map to understand the analytics.

Reality is neither of them knows. Just quietly…  I really hope I get to watch John McAfee bite his own di** off on National television… haha. And I will have made a lot of money :o) I do think the potential is MONSTROUS, but I also urge extreme caution.

If someone was seriously thinking of investing in Bitcoin, my recommendation, backed by my buddy who works at Bitcoin Evolution Erfahrungen, would be to take 10% of your portfolio and place it in crypto (Bitcoin and Ethereum being my two recommendations) and follow a dollar cost averaging strategy.

If you’re not familiar with this strategy, it means (as an example) you invest $500 per week on-going so you get the ‘dollar cost average’ as it goes up and down. Consider the alternative (what almost everyone does), you invest $50,000 all in one shot…. then it crashes and you lose your shirt. If you invest in it weekly you’d buy much better after it crashes which brings your dollar cost average down.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial planner and am not accredited to give investment advice in any way. Any investment… is at your own risk and you stand to lose every cent you invest. To learn about more secure and smart investment options you can check in witht this gold ira custodian accounts.

On a related note… I plan to offer my own coin (an ICO which is similar to an IPO) which is utilizing BLOCKCHAIN.

The reason Bitcoin is doing what it’s doing is not about “Bitcoin”… it’s about BLOCKCHAIN.

In layman’s terms, the blockchain is a virtual, public ledger that records everything in a transparent and secure manner. Different from your bank that facilitates transactions with traditional currencies, the blockchain allows the free transfer of crypto currency through a decentralized environment.

All data is held in an interlinked network of computers owned and run by none other than the users themselves.

Blockchain is the BIG BIG BIG opportunity for business coaches and your clients. You need to pay attention.

I’m about the farthest thing in the world from what I’d refer to as “intelligent”… but I do know the future when I see it. And I believe BLOCKCHAIN will disrupt almost every industry on the planet. The early adopters will stand to make an impressive impact and potential fortune if positioned properly.

What’s going on with Bitcoin is not about “the price of Bitcoin”… it’s about the world’s financial ecosystem.  It’s a joke… printing money on demand… trillions (one trillion is one million, million) of dollars in debt… the fees they charge for antiquated services are a disgrace… and on and on it goes.

When Satoshi Nakomoto released the infamous Bitcoin whitepaper in 2008 he proposed a transparent decentralized, peer to peer currency without ridiculous fees.

There are only 21 million of them and 17 million are currently in circulation. The other 4 million will slowly be released over the next 120 years (yes… I said 120 years!). 4 million have apparently been lost forever and Satoshi Nakamoto is said to own 1 million of them.

Therefore, only 12 million Bitcoin are available and in circulation. It’s all kinda wild to be honest. I know a thing or two about psychology and scarcity. The government prints money whenever they want… but there are only 12 million Bitcoin available at present.

Bottom line… the reason Bitcoin went to $20,000 (It’s at $8,300 as I write) and experts say it’ll go MUCH higher over the next two years is BLOCKCHAIN.

In 1993 the web browser was created and disrupted how we disseminate information.
In 1996 Amazon was created and disrupted retail.
In 1997 Netflix was born and eventually disrupted the way we watch TV.
In 2007 the first iPhone was born and disrupted how we consume information.
In 2008 BLOCKCHAIN came into our world and is about to disrupt how we manage agreements and contracts (the foundation of any and all business relationships) of all shapes and sizes.

What I’m saying is that regardless of whether John McAfee or Warren Buffett is right about the legitimacy of Bitcoin and crypto… BLOCKCHAIN is here to stay and is a disruptive technology coming to business coaching, and your coaching clients industry soon.

We’re at the forefront of a technology adoption curve and over the next 5 to 10 years we’re going to see BLOCKCHAIN transform business in a very real and tangible way.

Pay attention folks or risk being the local retail store stomped out by Amazon.


Thanks for tuning in,

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