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The Power of Testimonials with Ron Finklestein

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One of the most powerful marketing tools you can use is testimonials. Why?

Because people want to know you can and have delivered to others. The more the better.

I was recently hired by an IT company to help them grow sales. When they signed the contract, I asked them why they hired me. Here is all they said: “We looked on LinkedIn and saw you had 40 testimonials going back 10 years and we thought if you could help them, you could help us.”

Testimonials are social proof that you can deliver.

Others are telling the world that you deliver. One of the most powerful marketing documents is a five-page, single-spaced, results-oriented list of testimonials from clients.

Here are some things to consider when asking for testimonials

  1. Offer to write them.
  2. Let the other person change the testimonial.
  3. A few testimonials are not particularly valuable. Most anyone can get a few testimonials. Consistent testimonials, over time, are very powerful.
  4. Make them public: website, marketing material, use during seminars, and presentations.

There is a simple format you can use to create powerful, results-oriented testimonials.

I call it the SOAR process.

SOAR stands for

S — Situation.

One or two sentences about the situation that you needed help with.

O — Opportunity.

One or two sentences about why they hired you.

A — Action.

State the action you took to get the desired results. This needs to be short.

R — Results.

State the results that were attained.

A few examples would be helpful.

My profit is up 70% over the last year. I’ve been working with Ron since 2010. During that time we’ve taken my business from one that was struggling to make ends meet, to one that’s successful and profitable. I recently started his sales training program and I am using many of his ideas to help with sales calls.

Ron has truly helped me think differently about my business and I’m getting great results.” Liz Hersh, Hersh Marketing & PR First time ever—all available appointments were booked! I recently had the opportunity to hear Ron speak at his Rainmaker seminar and knew within minutes he was the real deal. As a result of what I learned, I was inspired to enroll in one of his coaching programs and I’m glad I did.

In just a few short weeks, my business has grown and I’m gaining more clarity and vision on what I want. With Ron’s guidance, I feel ready to take my business to the next level. We book every available appointment. I recommend Ron to anyone wishing to take their business to the next level.” Joe Medina DC, Balanced Health Solutions

“Our sales from last year have risen by $183,632.29—in just four months. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your mentoring and guidance in the Business Growth Experience Sales Rainmaker Program.

Earlier this week I found myself at a sales appointment with a difficult lead. Instead of potentially losing a sale I was able to turn the appointment around when I would typically have to walk away. Since starting the program I am able to be more confident in my sales process, and have been closing sales at a higher profit margin.” Mike Mireiter, Unique Landscaping LLC

How do you get testimonials?

There are three ways I like to use:

1. Ask them if you can write the testimonial for them to review so you can grow your business. Most business owners will do this because they like to be seen as successful and you are promoting their business at no cost to them.

2. When speaking with clients they often say things that are good testimonials. Each of the testimonials quoted above was comments made during one of our coaching discussion. All I did was ask if I could use that as a reference.

3. At the end of every project, ask to do a project review. At that time, listen carefully and document the results. If the project went well this is a great time to ask for a testimonial.

 About the Contributor Ron Finklestein

Ron Finklestein, called the “Real Deal” by his clients, is the creator of the Ron specializes in growing sales through leadership training, business coaching, sales training and consulting. Ron can be reached at / 330-990-0788 /

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