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One Thing: Day 91: Making Millions Doing What You Love?

by | Karl Bryan, ONE THING Series | 0 comments

Day 91: Making Millions Doing What You Love? 

OK so I think I learned a lesson from all the posts over the past few days and might retire from talking about politicians and their pathetic track record and golden parachutes.



If your government cared about you, they’d stop fighting with each other and start fighting for you.

And they’d stop spending hundreds of millions of your hard-earned tax dollars on ridiculous crap (not mentioning any recent events, cough cough) and put measures in place to become fiscally responsible.

I assumed this was implied over the last couple of days… but possibly the below got lost in translation.

When a business owner builds a company, working about 60 hours per week, and employs 100 people over 20 years and takes on untold risk….

… Then 2008 happens and the business goes belly up (when you have overheads that look like 100 people and above you’re vulnerable as all hell).

Remind me what his Golden Parachute looks like after taking all that risk and employing 100 people for a couple of decades..?

Oh ya.

And the government official gets what..?!?!



It’s popular in our space for people to say and for you to hear “Do what you love.”

My experience says people that “do what they love” go broke more often than not.  A variety of different reasons factor in.

One of which is that what you love as a hobby…. You don’t love it when you’re forced to it all day every day.

I know professional hockey players that are absolutely sick to death of lacing up their skates.

Today’s ONE THING sounds similar but is the polar opposite of doing what you love and a million times more likely to lead to success:

“Love what you do.”

Fall in love with creating programs.

Fall in love with the marketing of your program.

Fall in love with measuring the marketing of your program.

Fall in love with your clients.

Fall in love with the constant growth required to continue to be successful.

Fall in love with the servicing of your clients.

Fall in love with the journey… not the destination.

Doing what you love tends to end poorly.

Love what you do rather than do what you love.

Pass it on.

You heard it here first.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS. I have a secret life goal to become such a threat to the Clintons that I die by suicide.

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