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One Thing: Day 92: My Dear Mom and Steve Harvey

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Day 92: My Dear Mom and Steve Harvey

On Friday I was explaining how to make millions doing what you love. It’s easy but you need to do it the opposite of the way they tell you.

I finished with a smart-arse remark and my Mother in Law sent me this text.

Mother in Law: youneedtostopcommentingonpoliticsoreveniamgoingtostopreadingyouremailsiloveyouxoxo

Me: justhavingsomefunmomandbillclintonshouldbeinjailforwhathedidto21yearoldmonicalewinskyiloveyoutooxoxo


Your ONE THING today is to ‘JUMP”

… it’s from a video I saw posted by my good friend, 8-year client and marketing superstar (she’s in the Dan Kennedy marketing hall of fame) who sold her last restaurant for $6.5 million dollars, Becky Auer. 

Pretty sure this bad boy went viral. 

You don’t want this guy picking the winner in your beauty pageant but it appears he gives some pretty damn good life advice that I agree with.

In my opinion, there is no greater gift, than the ability and desire, to help business owners elevate.

My big brother committed suicide when I was 16 years old over a business failing.

My dear Mother, also an entrepreneur, then drank herself to death as self-imposed punishment right before my eyes. 

It’s hard to write about and it was much harder to live as a young man trying to find my way. 

But the above acts as my daily fuel. 

My heart.

My gasoline.

My oxygen.

It makes me JUMP every single day without fear, or need to look back, to see whether or not I have a parachute strapped on.

Please “JUMP” with me. 

Business owners need your help.

Your guidance.

Your accountability. 

Your direction. 

Your belief in them. 


I believe in you. 

You got this, coach.

You heard it here first.

BTW I have all kinds of family in town.

It’s midnight on Sunday night…

I planned to do this daily posts for a few weeks… I’ve been doing it for months. 

I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to get a ONE THING email done every day over the holidays. 

I know you’ve come to rely on it as early morning motivation (this is what I’m told in a steady stream of emails) so I will do my best but if I miss a few… 

I’m just chilling with my family and will be back soon.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS. Allow children to believe in Santa Claus. 

You believe in essential oils and no one tells you differently.

PPS. Send this to a coach that needs to JUMP.

PPPS. Listen to my new Podcast here:

Business Coaching Secrets

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