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One Thing: Day 70: How To Snowball Profits 

by | Karl Bryan, ONE THING Series | 0 comments

Day 70: How To Snowball Profits 

Yesterday I was explaining common sizing and how it’s the second most powerful thing you can do with a coaching client’s income statement.

This is the kind of magic accountants should be providing for their clients but rarely do. Part fault of the accountant and definitely partly due to the disorganization of the average client.

Hence why they should hire you as their business coach… cough cough. Common sizing and other financial magic is not rocket science by any stretch.

You can’t win a hockey game without looking at the scoreboard.

For some insane reason LOL… I’m going to stay on financials/accounting even though I know it’s the kind of topic that puts you to sleep.

BTW I could use some! 

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Your OWN THING Today

Is that I am going to explain why your prospective coaching clients say this with ridiculous predictability:

“I’m spinning my wheels and feel like I just can’t get anywhere / get traction.”

Here’s the reason why.

It comes back to what I said the other day… Expenses have an incredible propensity for meeting revenues.

It’s up there with the other 7 wonders of the world like the Taj Mahal and The Great Wall of China, The Colosseum etc…

The solution lies in, reasonably elementary, FINANCIAL EDUCATION and their psychology once educated (told). 

Once your client gets to a certain point (Breakeven, cough cough) they start to “roll downhill” because the spread increases dramatically.

Let Me Explain. 

Simple Definition of Gross Profit = Revenues Minus Cost of Goods Sold (COGS).

If my daughter had a ‘Hot Chocolate Stand’ her COGS would be cocoa, marshmallows, and water. 

Simple Definition of Net Profit = Revenues minus COGS AND Expenses

The Hot Chocolate stand expenses would include rent, paying for the Urn to boil the water, salaries to pay her buddies. These are examples of expenses outside COGS.  

Let’s assume Gross Profit (revenues minus COGS) is 50% and Net Profit (Revenues minus COGS and Expenses) is 20%.

Breakeven is a simple calculation ‘overhead divided by the gross profit %’.

A Simple Example:

Total revenue = $1,000,000 (she operates one KICK BUTT Hot Chocolate Stand)

Gross Profit = 50% = $500,000

Net Profit = 20% = $200,000

Overhead therefore, must be $300,000

300,000 / 50% (0.5) = $600,000 (breakeven)

Here’s the MAGIC of the above and what I want you to REALLY DIGEST and how you’ll solve your client’s problem of:

“I feel like I’m spinning my wheels and just feel like I can’t get anywhere.”

Once the client gets past ‘breakeven’… ALL future profits are based on Gross Profit, NOT Net Profit.

As in 50% rather than 20%.

Said otherwise… The spread increases dramatically post breakeven and they finally start to realize financial returns.  

But they never get past ‘breakeven’ cause their expenses keep creeping up to revenues for no other reason than they’re not watching / paying attention / care / experienced etc…


Once they get there they start saying “when it rains it pours”… as in they start making some money and real ROI.

What is really happening is they’ve surpassed breakeven and experiencing gross profit margins (50% in the example above) which is a LOT more fun than net profit only.

The above is all psychology for your client.

The closer you get to the finish line… the faster you go.

Think of someone with 100 yards to go in the marathon.

They sprint.

When your client realizes they’re at breakeven and that every dollar above and beyond this point (provided they don’t jack up expenses) is a 50% profit VS 20%…

They’ll go that much faster/try that much harder.

I’ve seen it MANY times.

If you can get across the above examples and realties of your clients’ financials… they’ll have significant long term financial wins.  

You heard it here first.

Speak to you tomorrow.


Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS. Shoes that don’t fit your wife properly aren’t a bargain at any price.

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“Karl, you could charge tens of thousands of dollars for this material.”


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