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One Thing: Day 71: Creating Coaching Clients

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Day 71: Creating Coaching Clients 

Yesterday I was talking about how to help your client go from “I feel like I’m spinning my wheels and just can’t get anywhere financially.”


“Wow when it rains it really pours. As in its pouring, MONEY!”

There was also a little Net Profit versus Gross Profit magic in there for your new coaching clients. Get your business owner sprinting to the finish line like they do at the end of a marathon.

Notice how I said “They do…”

I’m built like a fire hydrant and subsequently marathons and I probably not a great mix.

Like alcohol and milk.

Who would do that to a poor, beautiful and unsuspecting glass of milk…?



Over the last week, I’ve been talking some elementary small business finance with some psychology mixed in…

Note: everything always comes back to psychology.

Finance/Accounting can be pretty damn boring stuff for non-analytics but ‘WOW’ can it change the game for your coaching clients when you want to get paid high-end fees for long periods of time.  

I’m a sales and marketing guy…. Math class felt only a little better than lighting myself on fire. And I accidentally did that once.


So why the HECK am I talking like an accountant and playing with business MATH.

Your ONE THING today is despite what they say when they’re trying to sell you the book…

It’s not about “finding yourself…”

It’s about “CREATING yourself.”

One sounds, and is, much harder than the other.

Hint: that’s why they don’t use “create” to promote the book… they use the relatively passive word of “find.”  

I’m interested in total ‘Business Coaching MASTERY’ for myself….

And in my opinion ‘business finance’ is something I need at a high level for mastery… not just the ability to understand it but the ability to teach it to my business coaches.

I, therefore, metaphorically, sent myself back to school…

More audios than I can count… like over one hundred hours and counting. 

Went into hardcore CREATION mode.

Question… what new skills are you “CREATING” for yourself?

What skills do you need to reach the next level for your clients?

It’ll be a step backward (no fun) to take multiple steps forward (fun).

You heard it here first.

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Enjoy your weekend.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS. The adult version of head, shoulders, knees and toes is… ‘Wallet, Glasses, Keys and Phone.’

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