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One Thing: Day 64: An Accounts Receivable Problem

by | Karl Bryan, ONE THING Series | 0 comments

Day 64: An Accounts Receivable Problem

I said something to this effect recently but it ties in perfectly to the theme of the last few days of punting on 4th and 1 as well as knowing when to say NO a la Warren Buffett advice yesterday.

The bottom line people suck at saying no.

Which is why as a business coach… if you just GOT OFF YOUR ARSE and put yourself out there you’d 100% be successful. 

If they can sell overpriced advertising that looks like blown up business cards EVERY DAY…. Think the same people might say yes to you once in a while for more revenue / money / profits / accountability? 

Create a “quota” like your boss would provide and stop hiding behind your computer.

It’s embarrassing :o) 


Lots of my buddies sell programs to ‘buy FB ads’ so I’m likely about to lose some friends. 

There’s a Pub close by so I’ll pick up a few new ones if too many drop off or I feel the need.

There is no shortage of opportunities for your coaching clients to make money or grow their business. 

What’s seldom talked about is that there are far too many opportunities for them to LOSE IT.

Hence why they should consistently punt… or possibly throw their phone in the nearest river, haha.

They should work on the first 3 downs (their current offerings!) rather than fixating on 4th and 1 and whether or not they should go for it.   

As I’ve said before… if the quarterback or fans called the shots, they’d go for it almost every single time. 

Simply due to emotion and 100% disregard for “forward momentum having much to do with catastrophe averted” as forward progress. 


It’s the equivalent of the business owner buying the Facebook ad campaign before cleaning up the accounts receivables or back end service issues.

Ummmmm…. Enter common sense corner, please Sir.

 Pretty please.

Here is your ONE THING:

If they have an accounts receivable problem at $500,000… they’ll have a much BIGGER accounts receivable problem at $1 million.

The end. 

I may have just murdered FB ads.

You heard it here first.

Obsessed with your business coaching success, 

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS. The enemy of a great life… is a good life.

PPS. Forward this bad boy to someone (good salesperson / motivational type) that you think will be a good business coach.

Or to an existing coach that would find this helpful.


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