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One Thing: Day 65: My *Twitch* / Topless Modeling 

by | Karl Bryan, ONE THING Series | 0 comments

Day 65: My *Twitch* / Topless Modeling 

Yesterday I may have murdered FB ads.

Zuck, I’m sorry bro. You have to admit it was a fun ride while it lasted.

I was also talking about how if your client has an accounts receivable problem at $500k… what it’ll look like at $1 million.

Say this out loud for me… “not good”. I know this one for sure cause, unfortunately, I’ve lived it.

But the FB ads I bought on the way down were amazing, HAHA. But not really.




Is a beauty bit of advice for your coaching clients.

“Stay lean… even if you can afford to get fat.”

Watching and keeping track of expenses is up there with the importance of returning your library book.

Every expense line item on an income statement (profit loss) should be scrutinized.


“Looking like a big deal isn’t the same as being a big deal.”

Normally the exact opposite. Like when I take my shirt off.

I’m a big deal cause everyone wants to see a man with no belly button… then they see it and realize it’s all a little cringeworthy.

Then the kids start crying…


Ok, let’s move along.

Check this out… a business with 10% margins that lower their expenses by a mere 11%…

… Drum roll, please.

DOUBLES their profits!

Another example.

A business with $100,000 of profit (earnings, net profit, bottom line, and profits all mean the same thing which should confuse the hell out of you) and 20% margins.

That, thanks to you and your coaching, increases their margins to 30% (from 20% to 30%) just made an extra…

… Drum roll please.

$50,000 in profit.

Yes, you read all that correctly.

It’s $50k because 20% to 30% is a 50% increase. A 10% increase would be 20% too 22%. And 20% would be 20% to 24%.

You’ve got to get your head around the MATH. Successful business is just successful MATH.

Business coach, please read that again.

The crazy bit about it is how easy it is to do.

They haven’t looked at their expenses with a critical eye for 2 years.

But instead, they buy FB ads and try to ‘get bigger.’

Saying “I can’t wait to get big so I can become successful” is like saying “I can’t wait to have no belly button so I can become a topless model.”

They’re both equally as ridiculous.

And the kids crying by the pool agree.

You heard it here first.

BTW Did I mention those amazing FB ads I was buying so I could “grow” while my accounts receivables were piling up and no one was paying me for the work I was advertising for, paying salespeople to close, earning, selling, fulfilling…?


Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS. Your clients get big as a result of being successful.

They don’t get successful as a result of getting big.  

The end.

PPS. Forward this bad boy to someone that needs some bad grammar in their life.


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