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One Thing: Day 36

by | Karl Bryan, ONE THING Series | 0 comments

Day 36: China and Clients With Money

Ok so yesterday I told you about my daughter’s friend Amanda Todd who was the second most Googled person the year she passed away.

Miley Cyrus you really are a ‘Wrecking Ball’. 

I also explained how I outrank my competitor’s and get free advertising and marketing on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LI.

You can too if you like celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and babies.

Today I’m going to explain something that’s made my business coaching clients a lot of money. Will do the same for yours so please pay attention.

When you get something worth $100 (let’s assume a pair of jeans) into a customer’s hands there are two components to it.

  1. Product (jeans)
  2. Distribution (getting the jeans into someone’s closet / hips)

Let’s jump into our DeLorean and rewind ‘Back to The Future’ (great movie!) style to the year the movie came out, 1985.

$100 to get a pair of shoes into someone’s hot and heavy hands in 1985 would be compromised of approximately:

$50 Product

$50 Distribution

Today that same $100 pair of jeans would be broken up approximately:

$11 Product

$89 Distribution.

Therefore…. and the massive mistake made is spending copious amounts of time and energy to decrease the amount it costs to produce the jeans (Product).

An example would be the world conquering idea of getting them made in China.

Will reserve painfully obvious comment here about jobs and also not mention women and children that are a little over 5 feet tall working in 4-foot-tall spaces.

Is there a chiropractor in the house??


Let’s go with it and if it shaves off a dollar per pair, fill your boots, I guess.

In business $10 is much better than $11 so let’s not judge.

But… your ONE THING is they’d be MUCH better off spending that time on the $89 distribution side of the equation but seldom happens.

Getting the jeans packaged, then into the box and then getting them to the shipping dock.

From the shipping dock to the back of the truck.

From the back of the truck to the warehouse.

From the warehouse to the retailers back storage.

From the retailers back storage to the shelves.

From the shelves to the end consumers closet.

Your coaching client likely isn’t making jeans but the principals are the same. Distribution will be better time and energy spent than product by a fair bit.

This is the exact reason I created bullet proof software for business coaches so they can easily impact small business owners’ profitability and ensure you can get paid handsomely for many years by your coaching clients.

I don’t want to help dozens of business owners.

I don’t want to help hundreds of business owners.

I don’t want to help thousands of business owners.

I don’t want to help hundreds of thousands of business owners.

I’m obsessed with positively impacting (product) millions of business owners (distribution).

The end.

On Monday I’ll explain how I eliminated the middle man in my retail hockey shop and made double margins.

You can do the same with your clients and make a fortune.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

King Karl

PS. Everyone hates advertising until they need to sell their own car.

PPS. If this was helpful pass it along to someone that you think would make a great business coach. Motivated type with some sales moxie.

They can get, for a limited time, a complimentary subscription here.

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