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One Thing: Day 255: Yoga Pants

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Day 255: Yoga Pants

Yesterday I told you to stay away from STILL people and I also explained the three simple steps Ray Dalio provides for achieving the life you desire.

Speaking of desired things…

I can’t thank Lululemon enough for inventing ‘Yoga Pants’.

*Whispers* Reow (heavy breathing).

But they’re a $45 billion dollar company and they recently promoted a “resist capitalism” event?!

It would be hard to make this kinda stuff up.



‘Think for Yourself’

I have no problem with social media because:

I limit my usage and only have a FB account I follow amazing people that say, do, and write about amazing things.

Here’s what grinds me.

People post things like:

“You’ll never be criticized by someone that’s doing more than you.”

“Money is the root of all evil.”

“Rich people have big libraries and poor people have big TV’s.”

“How you do anything is the way you will do everything.”

“Go with your gut.” (GUT stands for Gave Up Thinking)

“Follow Your Passion and You’ll Be Successful” (Can I eat chocolate and potato chips and lose weight too?)

These are false and frankly, as a black and white statement, beyond ridiculous.

When caught in a hurricane you’d look for anything to grab onto so you don’t blow down the street.

In a world of mass overwhelm the above statements are being grabbed onto for those not willing to think for themselves.

Remember #2 from yesterday… you need to define what’s TRUE.

When someone more successful criticizes me… I listen.

Careful not to use your, too easily formed, opinions as comfort blankets or false confidence boosters.

Help your high-end coaching clients do the same.

Remember, life is like a helicopter.

I don’t know how to fly a helicopter and guessing you don’t either.

You heard it here first.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS. A joke my 7 year old daughter told at our last family get together.

“When I got to school yesterday my teacher told me: To Have a Nice Day.

So, I just went home.”

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