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One Thing: Day 253: A Mind-Blowing Response

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Day 253: A Mind-Blowing Response

Yesterday I was explaining a three-step process for helping your high-end coaching clients’ management embrace change within their business.


A shark in a fish tank will grow to 8 inches.

A shark in the ocean will grow to 8 feet.

A shark will never outgrow its environment.

Neither will you.

Isn’t it about time you joined my community of rock star business coaches?



‘Performance-Based Culture’

The response I got yesterday was a tad mind-blowing.

Didn’t expect that but super glad the importance of helping your high-end coaching clients embrace change is seen as mission-critical.

Change will drive innovation and growth.

I figured going a little deeper on building a performance-based culture makes sense…

I’ve created my top 6 list you need for your coaching client to create a performance-based culture:

Top 6

1. Rules.

Every sport, every game, every competition, every professional league… have rules or they wouldn’t exist.

When your high-end client fires or loses a team member… the exit interview always looks like:

“I wasn’t sure what was expected of me.”

The number one way to create a culture in a business… is create RULES just like they do in sport.

2. Management and the leaders of the company must take every opportunity to reinforce the company’s vision.

Every phone call, every meeting, every company memo, every internal email etc…

In my company, the vision we reinforce is that we’re here to help you create a 6 figure coaching business from a standing start.

Many of our coaches hit multiple 6 and our Unicorns hit 7 figures…

But the foundation of our company is to help a new coach create the consistent lead generation, the predictable conversion and the fulfillment of coaching so they hit 6 figures…

$100,000 is a comfortable and predictable $8,333.33 per month of high-end coaching clients.

3. Create a corporate structure that supports a performance-based culture. Reporting, relationships, meetings, and accountability. 

Careful not to have too many meetings and too much ‘communication’… many businesses over-communicate ‘trying to get every one of the same page’ which is never going to happen.

Remember, change is constant.

4. Incentives… see email I wrote previously on how incentives run the world. Create rewards, contests, and incentives that complement the company’s bigger picture.

Encourage them to take risks and try new things.

5. Provide what the team needs to create a high-performance culture. Freedom, training, software, encouragement, public recognition, internal presentations etc…

Many companies accidentally act as a roadblock to high performance rather than a facilitator of it.

6. Create key performance indicators (KPI’s) and track them religiously.

Proper reporting mechanisms tracking changes will catch emerging trends before they become embedded in the culture.

Use the above and watch your high-end coaching clients blow through their revenue targets and keep you as their coach for many years to come.




You heard it here first.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS. “I can’t end my messages with Love, Shaq. The B52’s ruined that for me.” Shaquille O’Neal

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