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ONE THING: Day 14: My Daughters First Day of School and Boiling Frogs

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Day 14: My Daughters First Day of School and Boiling Frogs

It was my daughters first day of school today (holy cute!!) and I explained to her that “scared” and “excited” are the exact same thing. Pulse, sweat, nerves, tingling sensation etc…

Just a different way of looking at those feelings.

I told her a story of when Daddy is working and I walk on stage and have 500 people and 1000 EYEBALLS looking at me I could be scared or excited.

I choose to be excited, start dancing and get the entire room up with me and they feed off my energy.

As we walked away from her today at school, I asked her if she was scared or excited and she said enthusiastically “excited!”.

Yesterday I explained, when you say something in a clever way it has more impact, its more memorable and its more believable.

Today’s ONE THING is the same as I did with my daughter…. you need to talk and sell (influence) your coaching with stories, metaphors and examples.

Logic VS emotion.

Imagine going to the bar and trying to convince a girl to come home with you using logic. You need to appeal to ‘emotion’ to get her to grab her purse.

I’ve never been a woman (I do look great in woman’s underpants) but I’d assume it works the same in the other direction.


There are a number of reasons Tony Robbins is so impactful but I can tell you his ability to influence through a great story is up there with the best of them.

You may or may not have noticed he uses the same stories over and over again. He even cries at the same part of the story and the more he tells it the more influential it becomes.

You could get annoyed by this or learn from it (PROFIT from it!).

Your mission, should you choose to accept it… is to create a templated story, metaphor and example that influences people towards your coaching.

Use them over and over again and make them insanely persuasive in a clever way.

There were two small frogs.

One jumped into a pot of boiling water and jumped straight back out with sore feet (hired you!).

The other frog was in a pot of cool water with the heat turned up. The frog boiled to death (didn’t hire you!).

Mr business owner… which frog are you going to be?

I thought so…. Congratulations.

BTW don’t say ‘thank you’, say “congratulations” when they agree to buy your coaching.

Very different positioning.

Its 12.45 and I’m knackered.

BTW I used this particular story because I wanted to put “My Daughters First Day of School and Boiling Frogs” in the same subject line.

Did you actually think she was boiling frogs on her first day of school?? Lol

Tomorrow I have a RIPPER ONE THING coming your way about being extreme and how the middle is for losers.




Obsessed with your business coaching success,

King Karl

PPS. I’m not an electrician and have no idea how the lights turn on after I flick the switch. I don’t care… I just want there to be light.

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