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ONE THING: Day 13: Being Clever and Mental Real Estate

by | Karl Bryan, ONE THING Series | 0 comments

Day 13: Being Clever and Mental Real Estate

Yesterday we were talking about Jedi Mind Tricks that’ll transform your life.

It was a long weekend and I probably should have sent a short ONE THING rather than a long story about me almost drowning in the ocean waiting for Mad Dog, with the body of Adonis, to finally jump off the cliff.

I told you I’m good looking, not intelligent.

Also had someone tell me how annoyed they were that I referred to myself as “Kind of a Big Deal”… she clearly hasn’t seen The Anchor Man or the T shirts.

And probably needs to get out more.


Today will be short, sweet but impactful and please ensure you go back and read yesterday’s ONE THING about Jedi Mind Tricks.

I had a very important message in it that’ll get you a lot of clients.

Today’s ONE THING is:

‘When you say something in a clever way it has more impact, it’s more memorable and it’s more believable.’

You don’t want to appeal to your business owner prospects’ ‘logic’ as much as you NEED to appeal to their ‘emotion”.

If you want to ‘own your prospects mental real estate’ then you best try to be a little interesting.

Now you know why I attempt to be so clever :o)

Happy Tuesday, go change a life today for no consideration of payment whatsoever.

The money will just start showing up.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,
King Karl

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