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One Thing: Day 132: Sensitivity Training

by | Karl Bryan, ONE THING Series | 0 comments

Day 132: Sensitivity Training 

Have you noticed people are a tad sensitive nowadays?

If you’ve read my posts for the last couple of days you know what I’m referring to LOL.

The best response by a mile is that I’m in need of ‘sensitivity training’.

By a guy!!

I don’t even understand what ‘sensitivity training’ would look like for my condition.

I hate you Victoria’s Secret and your terrible enhancement products… Lululemon I hope you dominate the world and nothing stops you and your product development team.

Yoga forever!

Permission to now skip the 12 sensitivity steps?


Yesterday I was explaining some powerful ‘cross-selling’ magic like “Do you want fries with that?” my new business coaching software provides you and your coaching clients.

Today’s ONE THING Is Also From McDonald’s:

“Do you want me to Super-Size that?”

This exact ‘upsell’ technique made “Dollar Shave Club” a Multi-Billion Dollar Online Unicorn.  

Here are some examples of upselling that you can use with your clients.

Your new coaching client sells handbags… “Do you want this slightly larger version of the same bag for only XX more?”

If your new coaching client is a flower shop… “Do you want me to make those long stem roses for only XX more?”

If your new coaching client sells 1-year warranties… “Do you want our special 3-year extended warranty for only XX more?”

If your new coaching client sells TV’s…. “Do you want to grab the 72” screen for only XX more?”

If your new coaching client does deliveries… “Do you want it guaranteed before noon for only XX more?”

If your new coaching client sells pictures… “Do you want oak rather than our normal wood framing for only XX more?”

If your new coaching client owns a bar… “Do you want a double for only XX more?”

Let The Mind Wander…

But don’t let it wander to ‘doubles’ and Victoria’s Secret!!

You might end up in ‘sensitivity training’ with me LOL.

Every one of your clients can create an upsell or any of the other 10 sections my business coaching software can provide your new coaching clients.

It’s part of how my software (there are 11 simple areas in total, ‘cross-sell’ / ‘upsell’ are just one) can find any business owner $100,000 in 45 minutes without them spending an extra dollar on marketing or advertising.

Then the weighted algorithms do their job and it creates a roadmap and timeline for you and your new client to follow.

The way I had one of my business coaches explain it to me:

“Karl, for a business coach your new software is like going to the casino and placing all your chips on the roulette table… but when the wheel starts to spin you get to stick your hand in and place the ball on whatever number you choose.”

I said…

“WOW. Make it a double and tell them I can’t make ‘sensitivity training’ this week. I need to keep working on my business coaching software”

You heard it here first.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS. When I watch someone’s under water part in a movie… I hold my breath to see how I would be under the same conditions.

Finding Nemo was a rough 2 hours for me.

PPS. We created software and high-end step by step training to support it… that teaches a business coach ‘How to find any small business owner $100,000 in 45 minutes without them spending an extra dollar on marketing or advertising.’

Imagine finding your annual $12,000 to $50,000 coaching fees BEFORE you started coaching your new clients?!  And a coaching roadmap created for you to follow. 

Reply to this post if you want to learn how.

PPPS. They tell me my Podcast is Ric Flair style, Money Makin’, Client Gettin’, Joint Venture Landing, Event Fillin’, High-End Coaching Client Findin’ Gold For Business Coaches.

Entertaining, Informative, Uncensored, Unedited:

Business Coaching Secrets

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