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One thing: Day 44: Ellen, Lebron, Serena and YOU!

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Day 44: Ellen, Lebron, Serena and YOU!  

Yesterday I talking about Aaron Rodgers’ grit and how if you structure your day, week, and annual quarters like a football game… you’ll get coaching clients ten times easier and make twice as much money.

Brett Favre may not have been the nicest teammate in the world but Aaron Rodgers clearly learned a ton from him about toughness and how to manage a football game.  

No, I’ve never met Brett Favre and yes I’m jumping to conclusions like Oprah jumps towards a 12 pack of donuts.

And… I just lost 1,238 subscribers :o)

BTW before you hate on me too much I wrote a front-page article on how cool I think Oprah is…

Second chance?? 


I consider myself a business athlete.

Your ONE THING today is that you should too.

A professional athlete spends less than 5% of their time in a ‘game situation’. 

Every time you see Tom Brady, he’s in front of 50,000 people throwing the football and getting chased by insanely fast 300-pound overweight lineman… but he only spends 5% of his time there.

He and other elite professional athletes spend 50% of their time in training and development.

If you’re an Olympian it’s even more insane. You can spend 4 years training for 4 races of 12 seconds each.

And you don’t get paid but that’s a rabbit hole I’ll avoid today.   

Question: Do you spend 50% of your time in training and development?

My entire inspiration for this ONE THING series is to help and inspire you to train and learn business coaching at the highest level so you can instantly change business owners’ lives.


The highest-paid in an industry don’t get paid disproportionately to the rest of the planet cause they’re “lucky”… far from it.

Tom Cruise gets paid the most cause he’s the BEST.

Lebron James gets paid the most cause he’s the BEST.

Sidney Crosby gets paid the most cause he’s the BEST. 

J.K Rowling gets paid the most cause she’s the BEST.

Steve Jobs was paid the most cause he was the BEST.

Ellen gets paid the most cause she’s the BEST.

Serena Williams gets paid the most cause she’s the BEST (Bianca coming at her cough, cough).

Virat Kohli (cricket) gets paid the most cause he’s the BEST.

I’ve built the largest private community of over 700 successful business coaches on the planet (24 countries and counting)… cause I am the BEST.

But forget all of us… what about you?

Are you training as a business coach with the view of being the BEST??

Getting business coaching clients isn’t about “lead generation”.

It’s about working towards being the BEST.

You heard it here first.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

King Karl

PS. We get business coaches clients… FAST.


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