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One Thing: Day 45: Stats For New Coaching Clients

by | Karl Bryan, ONE THING Series | 0 comments

Day 45: Stats For New Coaching Clients  

Yesterday I was talking about how Lebron, Ellen, Serena, Cruise etc… get paid the most cause they’re the BEST and how that translates into new coaching clients en masse for you.

Tom Brady isn’t lucky and I’m going to guess you aren’t either so train as a business coach to become, THE BEST.

I have no belly button so I’m on the exact other side of the ledger on lucky. As are the kids unlucky enough to be standing near me by the pool when I’m tanning my, sans belly button, belly.

When the kids start pointing at me that’s my cue to casually put my shirt back on and nonchalantly head to the bar. Like nothing happened.

Nothing to see here folks.


89.5% of statistics are made up on the spot.

So here’s one for you but this one isn’t made up.

But it will surprise you and it’s your ONE THING…

… 96% of small business owners, your prospective coaching clients, do not hit the $1 million dollar mark. 

That’s not profit… that’s gross revenues.

Count them, 96 out of 100.

Therefore, a business coach that tells me, “I only go after businesses doing $5 million or above…” that’s great but you’re going after .01% of the population (that one was made up as I typed – but it’s pretty close and I’m too exhausted to do research right now).

If you’re interested in ANYTHING that would resemble ‘scale’ or building a large team of coaches to work under you….

But you only want to coach businesses $5 million and above?

Umm… not gonna happen Big Shoots. 

But thanks for coming out.

If you want to ‘scale’ or build a large business coaching company and really back the truck up (I have gotten coaches started, they use our system and my client lead generation and coaching software and we have grown their practices to have over 40 coaches under them. Yes, you read correctly)…

If you want to scale your coaching business accept the inevitable and go after the fish trying to fight, crawl and claw to $1 million.

And yes, they can easily afford you.

You heard it here first.

Tomorrow I’m going to explain what I do with the 96% to ensure we pay our way in the first few weeks of working with a new coaching client. 

That way they can pay us handsomely and we don’t have to worry about saying:

“None of these business owners have any money to pay my coaching fees.. I feel like I’m spinning my wheels.”

It’ll be a ‘Strategy VS Tactic’ conversation that’ll likely go against what others have told you and the roadmap you’re currently following.  


Obsessed with your business coaching success,

King Karl

PS. It’s 1.50am and I have a 6.00am start. If I fall asleep in this chair and use my keyboard as my pillow (which I’m not going to do and that would be incredibly uncomfortable) I’ll get 4 hours and 10 minutes of sleep. I likely screwed up that MATH but I know it’s not a lot.

Whose idea was this daily email again??

I’m too tired to try come up with something clever so I’ll leave you to come up with your own.

PPS. On second thought… “Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare.”


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