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Creating Business Success By Glenis Gassmann

by | Glenis Gassmann, In the Magazine

Love Is A Powerful Word

It can heal, give hope, and put a smile on someone’s face. What does love look like in your world? 

I could name so much, from the smile on my grandchildren’s face when they come to see me, the joy of talking to my kids on zoom from on the other side of the world, the smell of roses in a vase to a home-cooked meal.

I have recently moved to QLD and my current vista is a reserve with lots of wildlife around. I find that grounds me and allows myself to energize and connect to the love all around me. 

What Does Self-love Mean To You?

Being self full is so important in today’s world where we are constantly on the go from morning to night and demands are made upon us.

For me it is a time of freedom, a time to retreat and have some personal space time to just BE, you could be doing nothing or something that you love to do.

For me personally, it allows me to re-focus on what’s important not what’s urgent. 

Developing myself in any area that I feel needs attention at the time. What I have learned over the years is unless we have filled ourselves up with “love” we are unable to give it out and for that reason, I practice self love every day. 

How Do You Practice Self-love? 

I give myself 1-2 hours each morning, to just sit in nature, listen to a book or a youtube clip that is empowering for me with a herbal tea, reconnect with my goals, visualize then, journal about anything and stretch my body. 

What Is Your Own Superpower? 

The ability to listen behind the words that are being spoken and understand what is really going on with the other person. 

Ability to take actions quickly. 

Management of projects from a dream and bring into reality. Brick N’ Mortar can help you Open Your Dream Storefront, visit to learn more.

When have you been the most fulfilled in your life and your career?

Career, I have so many instances and times I have been totally fulfilled in my career. However completing my book “45 minute business breakthroughs” and being a co-author of “the successful mind” have been significant moments in my career where I have been very proud. 

LIfe, When turning 60 last year, I did a big reflection and nothing tops having children grow to be a contribution and making a difference in the world, and then those children producing grandchildren who are such a delight to be part of their lives and a privilege.

However, when I was 32, I embarked on a journey of upskilling myself and completed an Accounting degree, part-time by correspondence, and then a Tax Agents license and CPA program.

All this while building a new house and with a young and growing family.

When I look back now, I think, how did I have that much energy…. I know I was focused and committed to the journey.

So completing that as well as keeping the family ties together was a major event in my life and one that was totally fulfilling. 

“I give myself 1-2 hours each morning, to just sit in nature, listen to a book or a youtube clip that is empowering for me with a herbal tea, reconnect with my goals, visualize then, journal about anything, and stretch my body.” 

Who Is Your Role Model And Why? 

Tony Robbins, I love the way he has been able to generate himself from his own life experiences and give back to others to make a difference in the world. I have taken his learnings and applied these to my own life to fulfill my purpose. Which is… 

” To reduce business failure rates worldwide”, as this contributes to loss of relationships, marriage breakdowns, disjointed families and financial hardship. 

All of this can be avoided if Business Owners get the right advice and implement it. In conjunction with my book, ” 45 minute business breakthroughs” I have created a program “small business profit accelerator program” that gets access to my whole academy and it is affordable to all businesses who are committed to growing their business in 2021.

We also have an educational grant of up to $5000 for business owners that have fallen on hard times. And 2020 has been an extraordinary year of where this has happened. 

What Is A Fear You Have Overcome?

Public Speaking – my first attempt was introducing my own Business Coach to 120 clients, family, and potential business clients. I hyperventilated and forgot a 2-minute introduction. Left the stage very embarrassed…..

Today I have spoken to International audiences of 150 + business coaches in the Caribbean, Las Vegas, and Cancun and as a Guest Speaker on virtual events with over 500 business coaches present. To improve your public speaking and business pressentation, you might want to ask for professional help from companies that are expert in AV in San Francisco to help you deliver an unforgettable presentation.

Topics extend to mindset, planning, business growth, accounting cash flow management, and the benefits of payroll software. And if you want to improve your business finances, then you might want to consider using a software solution like the Quickbooks desktop premier, find more information here.

What Are The Failures You Most Cherish?

Time management structure for work /life balance – this has been a WIP over the course of my business career.

Knowing that it can be done, I started to master the art of work/life in 2012 and now enjoy newfound personal relationships with friends and family as well as successful businesses. 

Living in the NOW – I used to forget about the now and be in the future, always planning and reverse engineering the plan into milestones and tasks.

Always in action and not stopping. Now I have learned from my practices of personal development how to live in the now and create the future from there. 

What Is The Most Courageous Thing You Have Done In Your Life? 

Starting a business when I was 35, two young children had a new home with 17% interest rates and no job security. 

Now as I look back I think … OMG, what was I thinking. However, I always knew that I was destined to contribute more than as an employee.

I always found myself as a leader in the fields that I was in. So why not be a leader of my own business. 

I now have a “whole turnkey system” for Business Coaches or anyone wanting to have a career in Business Coaching ( it is the only career that I have found that gets better as you age).

This system allows you to make an impact to the business community quickly without having to invest a lot of money upfront and we have worldwide support at the same time. 

If you could go back in time, what is one piece of advice you would give to your younger self? 

Create a purpose in life that is bigger than you, create a goal for 10 years that will fulfill your purpose, and never ever give up. 

Most business owners start a business in “survival mode”, and their original purpose of going into business tends to be one of “survival of the fittest”. 

By changing your “mindset” to one of abundance and accomplishment, you take actions in align with your goal and purpose and achieve it much sooner and without too many hiccups than the other way. I have done both and much prefer the later. 

Taking actions in line with your goals each day, it’s the journey that is the most important and what we learn along the way, not the final result.

A life of continual improvement will bring your own successes. 

Glenis Gassmann bio

 About Glenis Gassmann

Glenis Gassmann is the owner of More Customers – More Profits. Glenis is a Business Breakthrough Specialist with expertise in the financial realm as a Chartered Accountant. Winning awards and creating innovative change with her strategic thinking. Her focus on small business includes education to create profitable businesses, allowing personal freedom and financial health.

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Creating Business Success By Glenis Gassmann


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