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Becoming a Local Legend by Karl Bryan

by | In the Magazine, Karl Bryan

Some Presidents, Entrepreneurs, Athletes, etc… go on to make a positive impact and become legends of our time. George Washington led the American revolution…and got his head on the American dollar bill. 

Not bad.

Let’s dissect the man and others of his ilk… like:

  • Henry Ford
  • Steve Jobs
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Madam CJ Walker
  • Mohammed Ali
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Michael Jordan
  • Gandhi
  • Madonna (doesn’t belong but she’s hot, and a biz woman on steroids so deal with it)
  • My boy, Tony Robbins

Many more could be listed, but you no doubt get the idea…

If you’re a business coach how do you become a legend and join this list like George Washington? 

BTW the $1 is taken, and ‘ole Abe graces the $5… Let’s aim to get our heads on the $10, shall we? Andrew Hamilton will be pissed but who cares cause he didn’t make my list anyway.

There are multiple factors at play to achieve this level of impact or lead the American Revolution like Georgey Boy…. but there’s one key ingredient for all these legends.

Desire, experience, and intelligence won’t get it done. Of course, you will need a basic understanding of how to elevate a business client. The lead singer of a band can’t rock the house if he can’t hold a tune. Assuming you’re prepared to do the work and have a proven methodology, there’s one key ingredient that separates the business coach that transforms businesses from the forgotten 4th place finishers.  

Every industry has the same key ingredient… politics, acting, music, coaching, sports, etc…

One business coach goes on to make millions (often, the inferior one) and the others fight for the droppings.

I can sum up this single key ingredient in two words.

“Emotional charge”

Politicians that don’t put enough emotion into their campaigns (Hilary Clinton, Al Gore, Jeb Bush and a long list of others)… get forgotten.

Talented sports stars that place more emotion into the microphone than the playing field get forgotten. 

Business coaches that don’t put enough emotion into their coaching… no one even knows of them… let alone forgets them. 

They’re trying to build a following from scratch and cry out a pathetic “I’m too good to cold call…” type idiotic argument. 

Please. The question is, why? Because they’re scared. Worried “they’re not enough.”

A legend like George Washington at some stage stopped worrying what people thought.

I clearly didn’t know the man, but I’d be willing to bet a lot he’d say “I just wish I stopped carrying what others thought sooner. I would have accomplished and positively impacted so many more.” 

So coach, if you want to see your name on the $10 one day stop worrying about what others might think of you more than the small business owners dire situation.  

If you don’t shift, there will forever be a gap between you and your coaching client. One business owner is inspired by the coach and keeps paying for four years. The other coach has the client cancel in 90 days saying they’re ‘overwhelmed.’

The scary thing is the coach actually believes that ‘overwhelm’ is the reason and avoids reality.   

Hint: There are no bad students… only bad teachers.

Question for you:

Why do you do what you do?

Tony Robbins struggled in an unhappy home with no food and an abusive alcoholic mother. 

Brendan Burchard nearly died in a car accident and asked: “Did I live, did I love, did I matter?” 

Grant Cardone’s Dad died when he was ten years old, and they financially struggled from that point on. 

My big brother committed suicide when I was 16 years old over a business failing. Then my mother punished herself daily and then drank herself to death. I had a front row seat for all the action. 

What’s the story you’re climbing up from? And yes, you have one even though you likely don’t think you have an impactful one.   

Tell the business owners your story. Let them in. Stop trying to portray “perfect.” It’s so lame and non-memorable. Often, pathetic and untrue.

You’re a rock star exactly as you are. Warts to the forefront.  

Mind, body, and situation

How do you become less concerned with what others think?

Simply immerse yourself in mind, body, and situation of the business owner (person) you dream of serving.   

A purpose far, far beyond controlling what others might think of you.

There are successful examples of this all around you.  

A mother, Candy Lightner, loses her 13-year-old daughter to a drunk driver and MADD is born. A local child goes missing, and the entire community comes together. Amanda Todd was a family friend, and I remember driving her, and her Mom Carol to a Cheer competition in Vancouver called Sea to Sky.

Amanda was the second most googled person on the planet the year she committed suicide (Miley Cyrus and her twerking, number one). Her mother Carol is a friend and now speaks to Prime Ministers, Presidents and Lady Gaga called her to discuss bullying.   I wish I could still drive her to Cheer and my daughter wishes she didn’t lose her friend. 

Look at the impact Trump has globally. Irrelevant if you love him or hate him… the guy creates an emotional charge. That same emotional charge got him elected, President against Hilary “who could not lose.” Now please stop being emotional about Trump and concentrate on what I’m talking about and your opportunity. 

What could you accomplish with the secret ingredient to this kind of attention…

Emotional charge

Suddenly after or amongst the tragedies above, there’s an emotional fire that can’t be harnessed.  These ppl were watching reruns of their favorite TV show (Billions!) last week.  Now they’re lighting cars on fire cause the wrong guy got elected… searching through muddy fields, or on a mission crying to cameras holding pictures of their loved ones.

And it works. And so it damn well should. 

Here’s my question for you. 

How badly do you want to impact that business owner positively?

Let me rephrase that… does it matter to you that it matters to them? 

Do you care local people are about to kill themselves when their marketing fails, and their businesses go broke? Are you metaphorically willing to light cars on fire for them or find a camera to hold up a picture?

Maybe at a minimum, I can get you fired up enough to rally yourself the courage to cold call them?!?!? At least maybe send a FB / LI message?

Too crazy?

Don’t sell them something like a lame arse… call and help them (if you need direction on what I’d say and how I turn a phone number into a $50,000, long term, coaching client consistently… just ask).

If you’re not lighting the car on fire… why not? 

Is it time to listen to your spouse and go get a real job?  

Business owners get inspired by a Tony Robbins-like passionate voice, puffed chest, strong language (maybe even a swear word gosh, gee, golly) and willingness to do what it takes. When you see Tony Robbins live at an event, he’s a beast. I’ve never seen him live where he wasn’t brought to tears. Staged?

If you think it matters… you missed the whole point.

News flash: He also doesn’t care what you think. 

He’s driven by:

Emotional charge  

Forget being brought to tears while speaking at a live event or staying until one o’clock in the morning for a result when he’d ideally be sleeping… most business coaches don’t even have a video on YouTube. 

Why? Fear of looking stupid.

It’s like skydiving. You literally crap your pants until you start falling… at its most dangerous point it gets calm and amazing.

You’re free falling and having a casual conversation while falling through the sky. Like it’s suddenly normal. 

Your YouTube video and live events will suck until they don’t. Then they’re awesome, forever.  

All your hopes and dreams are just on the other side of the emotion you recognize as fear.



Picture a raging forest fire in the mountains… a deer is looking for a way out. His life is on the line, and he knows it. He moves left, moves right, jumps a fence… getting more and more desperate for a way out.

It’s getting hotter and hotter, his skin is burning, and the deer are now moving with reckless abandon until he finds his path.

Do you generate leads and contact people with reckless abandon?  If not, why not? 

Close your eyes and drop yourself in the middle of the forest fire with ADHD on steroids.

Make calls, send emails, search LI, search FB… join forums. Start your own forum. Write down your goals. Get scared. Get desperate. Act. DO SOMETHING. Get some momentum so you can find your path to safety and when you find a way to help a business find $100k in 45 minutes without them spending an extra dollar on marketing or advertising… Go / Do it / Buy-in. 

Your coaching company will go to the next level, and your lead generation will get easier when you stop operating with fear and start operating with


Open your mailbox or look at a local newspaper (yes plenty of them still exist) and look at the marketing/ads.

Blown up business cards.

No compelling offers. No call to action. No expiry dates. Huh?!?!

In other words, the advertisers are wasting their hard earned money!

The result is a heartbroken Father that feels like a failure when he looks into his kids’ eyes and can’t afford a summer vacation. The websites are also 95% a waste of time. No compelling copy, nor offers. Their social media posts are the same. Non-existent actually.

When you do call/connect, do you think they have… an upsell? A down sell? A cross-sell? An upfront offer? A proper marketing message? A process to capture email/phone/ info?  A proper business model? A proper revenue model? Proper goals? Understanding of their 80/20?

Heaven helps us. Soul crushing.

Is someone in your area finally going to get pissed off and say something to these people? Is someone going to do something? Maybe you…perhaps??

Do you give a crap that business owners above kill themselves when their marketing fails, and their businesses go broke?

So many other situations like this if you just open your eyes and stop worrying about whether or not you may or may not be perceived to be bothering someone.   

And when your spouse tells you to go get a job…. your new Emotionally charged response will ensure They never say that to you again. 


Obsessed with your coaching success,

Karl Bryan

Karl Bryan gets clients for Business Coaches...period. He is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Six-Figure Coach Magazine and Chairman of Leader Publishing Worldwide, home of the largest private community of Business Coaches (24 countries and counting) in the world.
His goal is straight forward… to help serious coaches/consultants get more clients.

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