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Would You Like to Improve Your Coaching Outreach Results?

by | In the Magazine, Kenny Harper

Leave the guesswork behind by implementing your own powerful value journey framework with Kenny Harper.

Introducing The Eight Stages Of The Value Journey:

A value journey is a framework that attracts prospects then seamlessly and subtly guides them to become clients that pay, stay, and refer.

This framework is modeled from the way relationships naturally progress. After all, businesses are made up of relationships.

The 8 Stages of a Value Journey:

  1. Aware
  2. Engage
  3. Subscribe
  4. Convert
  5. Excite
  6. Ascend
  7. Advocate
  8. Promote

While a business relationship progression typically happens naturally, the important part here is to document the journey.

By documenting the value journey, you orchestrate and optimize the process for maximum efficiency. In addition, by having the value journey documented, you can ensure it is followed consistently to achieve consistent results.

When you begin following the structure and track and optimize the results, you can work towards achieving predictable outcomes.

Not only does this powerful framework work for you to gain new coaching clients, but it also can be used with your existing coaching clients to gain new business.

How A Documented Value Journey Can Transform Your Business

When I began transitioning from being a service provider to a coach, I began experiencing the challenge of having to create clients out of thin air.

In my career as a digital marketer, I’d market my lead generation services and when a business needed leads, they’d reach out and enquire how I could help them. As a growth coach, my ideal clients are clients that are already doing well but could be doing even better.

The challenge is that they aren’t searching for coaching! Even worse, they are regularly being bombarded by a hoard of other marketers and coaches pitching their services. So, what should you do?

Luckily, I gained valuable professional training with Lean Six Sigma​ on how to host events and coordinate meetings to engage with prospects. These powerful strategies worked to generate clients and launched my coaching career. Below I will share some of the new strategies that I have used which have accelerated the process.

Example Of Using A Value Journey To Gain Elusive, Ideal Clients

Medical-based prospects are notorious for being hard to reach and even more challenging to get into action.

They believe they are too busy and rarely think they need your help. These prospects typically decline interviews or events.

My solution was to document a customized value journey specifically for medical-based business owners based on their challenges, desires, and beliefs.

Here is a quick overview of what we implemented and the results.

The value journey starts with the awareness stage. Before anyone is your client, they must realize you exist. For our elusive prospects, we sent them a copy of our magazine with an article specifically written for medical professionals.

Now they were aware of who we were and by sending a magazine that was relevant to them, we turned a glance into a stare. Having them read our content, this moved them into the engage stage.

However, sending a magazine alone won’t have prospects knocking down your doors in droves. To move them forward in the value journey invited them to be interviewed for our podcast.

We let them know that we see them as a thought leader in their industry and that their insights will be of value to our audience. Most are eager to be featured and showcase their knowledge.

During the podcast interview, we build rapport and request their permission to subscribe them to our email list moving them into the subscribe stage.

Once they are subscribed to our list, we send them a sequence of emails guiding them to enter the convert stage by prompting them to register to watch a webinar. The webinar provides them valuable information on how to leverage the podcast and leads them to schedule a consultation.

Each stage is designed to move the prospect to the next. By leveraging the value journey framework, we authentically change how our prospects perceive us from a cold contact to trusted advisors.

Once we have the journey documented, we continue to monitor and optimize the process and are consistently able to turn cold, elusive prospects into paying clients, advocates, and even promoters.

It is the framework of the value journey and the laser focus to simply move prospects from one stage to the next that makes this process effective and efficient.

Steps To Begin Building Your Value Journey

Begin by outlining your strategy for each of the eight stages of the value journey listed above. Implement the strategies and track the results for each stage to measure each strategy’s success.

After you have enough data, you can review your metrics and optimize your approach to maximize the results.

Take your coaching practice to the next level by implementing a value journey framework.

Kenny Harper

kenny harper

 About Kenny Harper

Kenny Harper is an International Speaker and Certified Marketing Advisor.

  • The Growth Amplifiers Podcast
  • Certified DigitalMarketer™ Trainer

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