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Video: How To Sign Up BROKE Prospects! with Karl Bryan

by | Ask Karl Bryan, Karl Bryan | 4 comments

Wouldn’t it be great if EVERY prospect we spoke with about our coaching services could easily afford to pay us $2500 per month? Reality is most can’t afford to pay that monthly retainer… in fact, most can’t afford to pay attention!!! Haha!

That doesn’t mean you’re relegated to spend your coaching career begging and pleading for crumbs.

I’ve got a bullet-proof lead generation process I’ve used for years that has enabled me to build three 7 figure coaching businesses.

I currently train and provide online lead generation for more than 600 coaches around the world (we’re now in 24 countries) and in many cases, they’re making tens of thousands of dollars from EACH client they coach.

In my previous email to you, I said I’d create a short video to show you how I do it… so here it is :o)

Appreciate it if you’ll leave a comment (good and bad!!) on the video BTW.

Thanks for tuning in,

Karl Bryan

PS. If you can comment on the video (I know I suck at it but I promise to get better with a little encouragement) that would be greatly appreciated. If you know of another coach that needs the info please share it.

PPS. Also… if you need some help driving small business traffic or getting new coaching clients that can actually afford you….. send me an email (reply to this one) and I’ll help you out and arrange to walk you through my online lead generation tools and software.

PPPS. I PROMISE it doesn’t need to be that hard to get small business coaching clients. There is a system and if you follow it…. everything becomes SO MUCH easier. Holler if I can help in this area.

Karl Bryan, creator of Profit Acceleration Software™  

Karl is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Six-Figure Coach Magazine and Chairman of, home of the largest private community of Business Coaches (24 countries and counting) in the world. His goal is straightforward… to help serious coaches/consultants get more clients. Find out more at

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  1. James Dekle

    Hi Karl,
    The message is spot on. Good message. Watch your video background, you’ll get seasick watching it oscillate up and down. Put your mouse pointer on the edge of the screen in the background and you’ll see what I mean.
    Looks like perhaps is some artifact of face tracing software and/or stabilization in camera doing it. BTW, unless you do it on purpose, your eyes are out of focus, that loses a lot of connection with your viewer and just looks sloppy…. by then again, I shoot video and photography for business so I notice these things.

  2. Mike Husson

    This was great Karl! If they want something sell it to them. If they want to be better don’t forget them…the Colonel was once on SS!!

    You’re a great asset to all who engage in your trainings! Thank, MikeHusson

  3. Marsha Pearson

    Excellent video, Karl, with a great message. Agreed on the “seasick” background. Maybe a tripod will help.

  4. Doug Mattice

    Karl, thanks for the informative video. I appreciate the message more than the technique. I work with many photographers who even though they are in business, are not generating enough income to give them a legitimate return on their time. Providing a way for them to systematically run a business as been a good strategy for me.


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