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VIDEO: What KPI’s you’d suggest I track?

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In this week’s episode of Ask Karl Bryan, Karl answers Andy’s question  “Karl, as I continue to grow I’m interested in what KPI’s you’d suggest I track?”


Yesterday I told you I’d knock together a video answering a great question.

Got it done for you after some issues due to a wonky cameraman (me) and then my dogs decided to bark and ask for a doggy treat while I was halfway through your video and talking about my buddy that went to Harvard Law School.

I was going to go to Harvard also… but they didn’t ask me :o)

I also told some home truths from my high school days that possibly should have been kept private. Too late now!

Anyhoo… Andy has been using my online lead generation tools, internet coaching system and software for approximately 3 years and has subsequently built himself a firm of over 24 coaches.

Andy’s question was “Karl, as I continue to grow I’m interested in what KPI’s you’d suggest I track?”

Here’s the answer from the comfort of my kitchen table.

Comments would be deeply appreciated. Highly unlikely haha… but deeply appreciated. And only positive ones of course :o)

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Thanks for tuning in,


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