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Umbilical cords – looking for a place to connect to with Nina Hershberger

by | In the Magazine, Nina Hershberger

I know. This is a strange title for an article on coaching.

More appropriately in a birthing book. But the fact is being an entrepreneur and business owner is a lonely position. And they are looking for a place to connect to. To get fed, held accountable, and just someone to talk with and bounce ideas off of. I kind of think of them looking for a place to hook their business umbilical cord too.

As coaches, we often think we have to have all the answers and be so much smarter than our clients. Granted, we do have a massive wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from, but sometimes our clients simply want someone they can trust to talk with.

It’s more about who you are than always what you know.

Relating, challenging their thinking and simply being there for them can often be as important as laying out an entire marketing plan.

Let me give you an example.

I recently was a speaker at a national event along with 37 other speakers. I was #3 in the 2-day lineup and for 20 minutes sharing a story of a 5-step direct mail campaign that netted a 38% response and a massive return on their investment.

There were other speakers that had grown 7 and 8 figure businesses.

But person after person came up to me and told me I was their favorite speaker.

I even got brownies and a Harry and David gift basket from 2 attendees as a thank you for my 20-minute talk.


Because what I shared was unusual, had personality and they could see doing what I did in their own business. Very few in the audience could imagine themselves developing an 8-figure business.

From that 20 minute talk, I have a periodontist who sent me a very nice check to do business with him. And he wants to know how to become an ongoing $5,000 a month client.

I didn’t sell from the front of the stage. I only shared a story with real results.

And my email box has been full of business owners wanting to connect with me and give me money. I’ll take that business umbilical cord connection gladly.

So the take away from this article?

Become a stage speaker and give massive value and watch your coaching business soar.

Next month I’ll talk more about becoming a speaker.

 About Nina Hershberger

Nina is a marketing fanatic who loves helping local businesses not only survive, but thrive. She was recognized as one of the top 6 marketers worldwide in 2009 and is the author of “30 Minute Marketing – 101 Ways to wow your customers, clients, and patients”. She hosts a national marketing mastermind group where business owners from varied niches gather to plan, strategize and share marketing ideas.

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