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Turbocharge Your Marketing with Social Proof with Troy Howard

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In my previous article I shared with you how to integrate your social proof into your website, email campaigns and print marketing to drive more sales. Today I’m going to share with you how to turbocharge your social media, dominate the first page of Google and most importantly, how to double your sales by injecting powerful social proof into your sales presentations.

Social Media

First and foremost, let’s talk about social media. If you’re not marketing your coaching business on social media then you’re missing the boat. Social media is quickly surpassing TV as the place consumers spend most of their free time. That’s why it’s so important to have a strong presence as a coach on the social media sites. However, just posting inspirational thoughts every day isn’t going to generate a ton of clients. Your posts need to be strategic and capture your audiences’ attention instantly. The best way to do that is through video because 500 million people are watching Facebook videos each day.

So how can you create powerful video content that will convince potential customers to reach out to you? Well, the answer is simple… video testimonials and reviews. As I discussed in my previous article, one of the highest converting forms of marketing is reviews, especially video reviews from your clients. There is no better way to sell a potential customer than to have one of your raving fans sell them for you. Therefore you need to consistently fill your social media sites with powerful videos of your customers singing your praises.

Now, you may be thinking that the only people following your social media sites are already customers. That’s okay because with a simple Facebook Boost you can promote your video reviews in front of thousands of potential customers for a very small fee. For example, one of our carpet cleaning customers got a raving video review that we boosted on his Facebook page. For less than $30 we were able to get that video in front of 2,000 homeowners in the area he serviced which generated jobs for him. The same is true for your coaching business. You can use Facebook to target your ideal customer and push your great video reviews in front of them.

Search Engines

Most business owners don’t realize that 70% of consumers will research a business online before contacting them. That’s why it’s so crucial to not only know what’s on the first page of Google when you search your name or company name but to also actively work on controlling what shows up on that page. Just imagine that one of your clients tells 10 people about you and your coaching programs. Statistically, 7 of those 10 people will research you online and if they find something negative, most will never even contact you. That’s how powerful your reputation online is, it can make or break your coaching business. That’s why you must flood the first page of Google with positive content about you and your programs.

For many law firms, Adwords for attorneys can be an excellent source of leads. Unlike an SEO strategy, PPC for lawyers can produce results almost immediately. Additionally, many of the leads you receive may be ready to retain your services.

When it comes to the first page of Google, you need to focus on three areas. First, you need to focus on reviews. They’re the easiest and best way to influence your reputation because they have instant credibility and stand out in the search results. Get as many reviews as you can on that first page.

Second, get video on the first page. Just like reviews stand out because they have a 5 star image in the search results, video thumbnails stand out as well. Make sure you have a powerful video optimized for your name and your company’s name so that it will show up on the first page. Also, I would highly suggest that the video be focused on video reviews or testimonials from clients. Again, the potential client is researching you because they want to hear what others say about you, not what you have to say about yourself.

Third, do everything you can to bury any negative reviews or results on that first page. You risk losing 22% of your potential customers with just one negative review on the first page and that goes up to 59% with three negative reviews. Unfortunately there’s normally no way to get rid of negative reviews or comments so the only thing you can do is bury them with positive content or discredit them with an overwhelming number of positive reviews. We were recently working with a coach who had spent years battling two negative reviews on the first page of Google.

The reviews had been there so long that nothing he did would push them off the first page. He started using the SoTellUs Review Marketing System and quickly captured 24 reviews and got them on the first page of Google. Even though he was not able to bury those two negative reviews he was able to discredit them with 24 five star video reviews.


The final step to turbocharging your marketing is your sales presentation. It doesn’t matter if you speak from stage, do your sales presentation in person or use webinars to present, you need to have social proof layered throughout your presentation. This is true for several reasons.

First, no matter how good your sales presentation is, you need someone else talking about you and recommending you to the listeners. That’s why speakers on stage or presenters on webinars get introductions from the host. It’s the perfect opportunity to transfer trust from the host to the speaker or presenter and it sets you up as a trusted authority.

Second, by layering your presentations with social proof like testimonials and reviews, you’re able to show off the success that you’ve created for your clients without bragging about yourself. You let your client brag about you while you quietly and humbly let them sing your praises. As we’ve discussed previously, the potential customer will relate to your client and believe what they’re saying even more than if you said it to them.

Third, by inserting social proof into your presentations you’re able to create what I call “Refocus Points,” meaning that you create a break in the pattern of them listening to you by inserting someone else talking about you. This creates a moment of re-focus where their attention is grabbed by the sudden change.  It draws their focus back into the presentation, and then I like to immediately hit them with an affirmative question like,” Wouldn’t you like to get the same result as Mary in your business?” Of course, they’re going to say yes which puts me one “yes” closer to getting them to say “yes” to my services.

By implementing these three proven marketing strategies into your coaching business you will absolutely close more sales, close higher paying clients and take your business to the next level. So go capture that social proof and start marketing today

 About Troy Howard

Troy Howard’s passion for combining technology and marketing has been a driving force in his life, leading him from selling yellow page ads to an executive of a publicly traded company, and ultimately an entrepreneur and champion of small businesses. Troy’s current project and passion will be another industry disruptor in online reviews. He recently launched SoTellUs, the world’s only review platform that lets businesses instantly collect video, audio and written reviews from their customers using an app on a smartphone or tablet.

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