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One Thing: Day 89: A Political Disgrace

by | Karl Bryan, ONE THING Series | 0 comments

Day 89: A Political Disgrace

Yesterday I provided you a detailed roadmap of saving yourself, and your coaching clients, tens of thousands of dollars in taxes. 

Without making an extra coaching sale. 

Pay your annual coaching fees without them making a single sale, cough cough. 

It’s the NUMBER ONE expense in your life and every adult you know.  Educate yourself and stop being scared of numbers / financials.

But do know that province to province, state to state, country to country the laws vary WILDLY and if not done correctly you could find yourself saving taxes in one area but then paying them in another (capital gains tax when you sell your house as an example.

I’m in BC, Canada, and our laws are wildly different than they are in Ontario Canada. And vastly different than the USA and Australia).

Tricky subject and I’m not an accountant nor pretending to be one… BUT it’s a subject you’d be well advised (well-compensated) to learn the basics. 

And don’t get the advice of one accountant and assume he / she knows it all.

Did I tell you they nearly stuck me on the short bus??


Today’s ONE THING is that there’s no such thing as “Government-funded” there’s only “Taxpayer-funded.”

That’s you.

And YOU can do something about it. 

And if not you, WHO?

It takes one committed person to effect change. 

The below is total and utter insanity and, we, the taxpayers, are 100% to blame for letting this disgrace take place in our governments.

Here are some numbers on US government retirees:

Salary of Retired US Presidents…                    $450,000 FOR LIFE

Salary of The Speaker of the House               $223,500 FOR LIFE

Salary of Majority / Minority Leaders            $194,400 FOR LIFE

Salary of House / Senate Members…             $174,000 FOR LIFE

Salary for Retired Congressman                     $139,200 FOR LIFE 

It gets better. 

The average salary of a soldier deployed at war, $38,000.

The average income for seniors on social security, $12,000.

There are a million other comparables.

Paul Ryan is retired and only 49 years old.

I’ll let you digest and decide what you should do about this given they run our countries TRILLIONS of dollars into debt with, borderline, zero fiscal responsibility.

Fiscal incompetence would be accurate. 

Can you see an area above where there needs to be some cutbacks and where your HARD EARNED tax dollars might be misappropriated?  

The establishments are a total and utter disgrace. 

Please forward this to someone you feel will be equally infuriated and the type to TAKE ACTION.

“You may feel the need to see a billionaires tax returns that became a public servant.

You should and that’s OK.

But you should DEFINITELY FEEL THE NEED to see the tax returns of public servants that became multi-millionaires while being public servants.”

Carry On.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl 

PS. It takes ONE committed person to effect change.  

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