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One Thing: Day 84: Finding Clients Online

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Day 84: Finding Clients Online

Yesterday I was explaining the power of creating your own Podcast… THANK YOU for helping me make the iTunes list of “Top Marketing Podcasts”

Check this out:

Day 84: Finding Clients Online 

My Mother in Law calls it iApple instead of iTunes and sent me this text: 


I tease her that she bought the cheaper iPhone without the space bar. 


I’ve been talking a lot about finance lately…

… SO I’m moving onto a sexier topic of driving traffic online. 

I don’t pretend to be “the internet guy” cause frankly, I’m not.

I leave that for Alex Mandossian, Russell Brunson and the other online gurus.

That being said I drive traffic every day to multiple sites and I get over 200 subscribers (not just opt-ins) to my magazine per day.  

I can categorically tell you effective internet marketing is primarily about one thing….


I know “Tok Tok” is all the rage right now and soon it’ll be something else. 

There are only three platforms coaches should focus on right now to get clients:  

  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Facebook

We’ve been having a lot of success advertising on IG so today your ONE THING is learning how to promote yourself on Instagram. 

Truth be told, I’m more of a FB guy but I manage to get thousands of subscribers on the IG platform and these tips will work anywhere. 

Let me explain.

You need three things or your dead in the water prior to starting IG.

– An Instagram account

– An understanding of how to help local businesses grow

– A willingness to help people PRIOR to getting paid

Step 1: You Need To Create 9 Powerful (Disruptive / Contrarian Work Best But Not Necessary) Pieces of Content

You’re a business coach and know how to help local businesses grow…

So, HELP them. 

You hear me say this often:

You don’t have a client problem.

You don’t have a money problem.

You have a refusal to help people before they pay you problem.

That’s the problem.

Share your best material in 9 pieces of content. Nine because Instagram will show sections of three on your profile page.

So how do you work out what the magical nine pieces are?

If a local business owner landed on your profile page… and they viewed (mix of videos and pictures is ideal) what you had created… what content would change EVERYTHING for them? 

Your best material will create an intense DESIRE to remember you, contact you, and ultimately work with you.  

Examples of what I put out for my target market (successful business coaches) and create:

  • How to find and close high-end coaching clients
  • How I filled over 400 local small business events / Let me show you how
  • How I find any small business owner $100,000 in 45 minutes without them spending and extra dollar on marketing or advertising
  • How to create magnetic social media content that attracts high end coaching clients
  • How to form a joint venture with an accountant 
  • How I ensure you keep coaching clients for YEARS rather than a few months
  • How to package and close $50,000 coaching clients
  • How I turn advertising into coaching clients / money
  • How I build you a team of ten coaches to work under you
  • Etc….

Those are my examples (if you need help with any of the above, just ask) and now you need to create a similar list.

Be mindful of your talents and create content around it.

My SUPERPOWER is building ppl multiple six-figure coaching businesses and that’s the content I can easily create.

You need to create content around YOUR superpower – and before you get all psyched out, just get started and let your content evolve / improve over time into your SUPERPOWER material.

I need you to put some serious effort into this so when people find your page (and they will)… you want them to be jacked up to remember you, contact you, and ultimately work with you.

 Also remember that value online comes in two forms:

  • Entertainment – Being funny, charismatic, being attractive (Richard Gere has nothing on short, fat, me), controversial, sharing cool material etc…
  • Educational – Taking an email and turning it into a blog post, providing your point of view, sharing educational content that will help them etc.

Step 2: Your Profile Pic, Link and Bio

You’ve got one profile pic, one link to send them to and 150 characters for your bio.

Make all three of these count. 

Your pic should be a professional headshot and not from your grade 12-year book nor your sister’s wedding. 

You don’t need to be graced with my incredibly good looks to get your picture out there. 

Remember I’m a solid 8.5 rolling out of bed with my bent nose, slightly larger than 5-foot stature and potbelly…. 

I need to interrupt this important announcement for a couple questions.   

When a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it… does it make a sound?? 

When you have a potbelly and no belly button…. Is it really a belly??? 

Double Anyhoo… 

The link should send them to see the value you bring to the world and entice them to want to remember, contact and work with you.

The 150-word bio must be compelling and ideally evoke “curiosity” which is a very powerful, totally unused, sales tool for coaches looking for high end coaching clients.

An example is if you were able to say”

“I can find any small business owner $100,000 in 45 minutes without them spending an extra dollar on marketing or advertising” in your bio 

Think that might make them a little curious and attracted to you?

That 100k verbiage is also all about THEM… not you. 

They don’t care about you, they care about what you can do for them (find them 100k). 

I know you worked hard for your MBA / BA / Ph.D. etc… and congrats. 

But they really don’t care.

Plus you separate yourself with all the letters behind your name. They think “ya but he/she has an MBA… I’m not that intelligent so what works for him/her will not work for me.” 

You’re better to paint yourself as an idiot that remarkably worked it all out via a system you stumbled upon. 

Leave them thinking “if this idiot worked it out… surely I can too if I follow the same system he/she did.”

Good news for me is that I don’t need to fake being an idiot LOL.

Step 3: Reach Out

The first two steps assume they’ll be visiting your profile page. So how do you get local business owners to come to your page?  

By reaching out to them individually and engaging in their content.

If you want to double your engagement (comments, shares and likes on your posts) then triple your activity.

There are many ways to do it and yes, it’ll take some effort.

The first is to look at people who are big in your community and view the content they’re putting out.

An example would be the local Chamber of Commerce and maybe they did a “Top 40 Under 40” recently and over the next 40 days, they are highlighting each of the 40 nominated.

90% will be business owners and all will be local influencers.

You should ABSOLUTELY be congratulating (engaging) that person as they’re announced (their eyeballs on you plus others reading).

You can then send them a private message and say congrats, you must be super busy, is there anything I can help you with or anyone you’d like to be introduced to?

Start the conversation.

Don’t be needy like a lame arse or none of this works.

Or if you have a live event coming up (great idea)… say to each of the 40 nominees that as a result of being honored, I’d like to ask you to come to my live event on Tuesday where I’ll announce your nomination to the group, encourage them to vote for you, and you’ll also be amongst some of the top marketing / advertising business in XYZ (the city).

Or you can go to a super high-profile person like Tony Robbins and look at their posts for who is replying and asking questions (lots).   

See who is asking for help.

Tony doesn’t reply but you can. 

Then send them a direct message (video message is way better) explaining that you saw their questions, have a few ideas for them and you’d be happy to have a 15-minute chat to solve their current challenge. 

You should also learn social media so you can better help your clients. 

Example: Look at hashtags that their ideal clients are posting to. 

Let’s say your client sells wine look for #RedWine (93k posts), #Wine (36k posts), #WhiteWine (31k posts), #BestRedWine (28k posts), #WineTasting (19k posts), #Vino (16k posts). 

The posts are people drinking wine etc… have your client engage with them and say “Have you tried this one?”

The bottom-line hundreds of thousands of business owners are posting questions and their problems every day. 

Make it your job as the local business coach to guide them. 

After they see your helpful comment and non-pushy messages, they’re going to go look at your Instagram profile page. 

Your magical nine pieces of content, picture bio, and link will speak to their problems and in many cases they’ll suddenly see YOU as their solution. 

Possibly the solution for someone else and they’ll refer you / mention you. 

Some conversations will continue and they’ll take you up on your 15-minute call.

Step 4: The 15-Minute Call

Get on the call and help them with no expectation of getting paid and ensure they can see the passion for what you do.

Stories work fabulously here and you should have some canned ones you pull out (Tony Robbins, Gary V, Grant Cardone, and ALL the greats do, you should too). 

Blow their minds with the value on this call and guess what’ll happen…?

“So how does this work are you available to do this regularly…? How much and will you take me on as a client…?” 


Key is not to come across as needy or it’ll be over pre-starting. 


The KEY to not being “needy”… is to:


I think I just dropped the mic?

Step 5: $1.80 strategy

Gary Vaynerchuk teaches the $1.80 strategy.

Leave your 2 cents, 90 times per day…. For my non-math folks that’s $1.80.

Follow the above steps and rinse and repeat. 

You heard it here first. 

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan 

PS. Stop what you’re doing… go to my Podcast urgently. 

And leave a review. 

Business Coaching Secrets 

PPS. Every diet works until 8pm.

Carry On


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