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One Thing: Day 83: 10 Reasons Why   

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Day 83: 10 Reasons Why   

Yesterday I was explaining how you should become an investor rather than a consumer.

Well… That’s if you want to be rich. 

If your goal is to end up poor then buy depreciating assets like Louis Vuitton, BMW, Gucci, Mercedes, Rolex, and Lamborghinis. 

Multiple depreciating assets have worked amazing for over $500 million dollar folks like Mike Tyson, Nicolas Cage, Michael Jackson, 50 Cent etc… 

All went bankrupt, cough cough.

BTW I own some cool stuff… here’s a rule to live by: If it appreciates… buy it and it depreciates… lease it. 


My podcast got thousands of downloads in its first couple weeks and was listed on Itunes “Top Podcasts in Marketing” amongst some pretty big names you‘d likely recognize like Frank Kern, Joe Polish, BNI etc… and I couldn’t have done it without YOU.


Check this image from iTunes out:

one thing Day 83: 10 Reasons Why 

Your ONE THING today is to consider doing your own Podcast. 

I do not place this on your “must-do list” but I do place it on the “strongly consider it” list dependent upon your situation and time available.

If you do it… you must be educational while being somewhat entertaining.  

You don’t need to be Howard Stern but no one is going to listen to a monotone Podcast no matter how great the educational content is.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider your own Podcast:

  • It’s relatively easy to create
  • Audio is easy for your clients and prospects to consume (in the car in traffic – see this image from one of my star clients Kim Minnis of ‘lil ole me cruising on the dashboard)

  • Build a personal connection to your audience
  • Position’s you as an authority
  • It’ll help sell your coaching/membership site / programs
  • To support your partners / joint ventures
  • Can cost very little to get started
  • To increase the size and value of your audience / network (do interviews)
  • The QUALITY of the average Podcast listener is HIGH (prospects with money, cough cough)
  • It’s FUN and you’ll learn a TON.  

Arguably the most important reason is that ideal prospects will love the idea of being interviewed for your Podcast. 

Very few people will say no to an interview.

This allows you to establish a relationship with them and move it along to coaching.

It will not work 100% of the time but will ABSOLUTELY WORK a decent percentage of the time.

You heard it here first. 

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl 

PS. Where did all the Bitcoin experts go? Asking for a friend. 

PPS. You’re running out of time (Friday) to leave a review and enter the draw to be my guest in Cancun for Business Coaching Mastery 6 (BCM6).

Listen to my new Podcast here:

Business Coaching Secrets


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