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One Thing Day 31: Mick Jagger Lips… and Social Media

by | Karl Bryan, ONE THING Series | 0 comments

Day 31: Mick Jagger Lips… and Social Media

Yesterday I explained the number one mistake business coaches make when using social media and then I ended with a cliff hangar that would make Chris Harrison of The Bachelor proud.

Well, probably not.

To dummy this right down, many coaches dream of getting coaching clients on social media without getting out of their pyjamas.

It’s simply all about EYEBALLS.

The lead singer of the rock band finds someone to go home with. The pitcher on the baseball team isn’t short of a date. The guy pulling beers behind the bar gets slipped a phone number. The gymnast at the Olympics has guys falling over her.

Follow my step by step social media advice and you can become the Mick Jagger of your local small business community.

Hopefully with smaller lips.


Question: How does it make you feel when someone responds to your status update/post/comment?

I agree and it makes me feel good to. 

When someone makes you feel good, ‘the rule of reciprocity’ kicks in.

Your ONE THING today is that if you want to double your engagement on social media… simply TRIPLE your activity.

Stop worrying about what people might think. For reinforcement I’ll write it another way.

Your coaching clients keen to effectively use social media need to triple their activity (comments, likes, shares etc)… in order to double the engagement on their posts.

Here’s your insanely simple social media roadmap.

1.Create a killer profile and use an excellent profile pic.

Your profile should show readers your super power and make your target market “curious”.

If I went to your profile and it said “I can find any business owner $100,000 in 45 minutes without them spending an extra dollar on marketing or advertising…”

Think they might wonder… “what the heck and how does he do that?!?!”

You won’t see me promoting the name of my business (very dumb)…. You’ll see me promoting my products, programs and events that are targeted at my ideal audience.

My ideal audience is a successful business coach or someone keen to get started as a successful business coach…

Here are some examples of mine:

  • How to find and close high-end coaching clients
  • How I filled over 400 local small business events / Let me show you how
  • How I find any small business owner $100,000 in 45 minutes without them spending and extra dollar on marketing or advertising
  • How to create magnetic social media content that attracts high end coaching clients
  • How to form a joint venture with an accountant 
  • How I ensure you keep coaching clients for YEARS rather than a few months
  • How to package and close $50,000 coaching clients
  • How I turn advertising into coaching clients / money
  • How I build you a team of ten business coaches to work under you so you no longer have to do all the coaching and battle the time for money quagmire
  • How one of my coaches built a team of 35 business coaches working under him in less than 24 months
  • Etc….

Those are my examples…. you need to create a similar list for yourself targeted at your ideal audience.

2. Research local business owners and key influencers in your desired area.

Business owners can be found in places like:

A) People that are nominated for business awards

B) Advertisers in newspapers / magazines / online directories / Google places etc…

C) Members of The Chamber

D) Members of BNI etc…

E) Billboards on side of busy road

F) When “Elite Plumbing” stops beside you at the lights… they go on your list too.

G) Etc…

Key influencers you should be following and engaging:

  1. Chamber of Commerce
  2. BNI
  3. Top Magazines
  4. Top Newspapers
  5. Top 40 Under 40 
  6. Anyone famous
  7. Etc…

Spend time finding the key people and names of the business owners above. 

3. After your new list is created friend / connect with these people on the big three. Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

This will take time but will be rewarded. It’s classified as working on your business.

Michael Gerber of the EMyth will be proud.

Not sure how much that should mean to you given the fact he’s never actually built a business… he wrote a book about it.

That’s a topic for another day…. he did provide some sound advice in his book so let’s go with that and move along.

4. Actively engage on social media providing value.

Remember value online comes in two forms… Entertainment and Education.

Block out 15 minutes per day in the morning and 15 minutes at lunch time. If you wanna get super crazy go another 15 minutes at the end of day.

Set an alarm for 15 minutes so you don’t spend all day on these platforms.

Have handy your templated educational content that I explained, and you created, from a couple days ago.

Like, comment and share like a madman (Use the $1.80 strategy…. 90 times per day add your two cents) and stop worrying about what anyone thinks.

Worry about what you think.

Use the templated stuff and the longer it is… normally the more impressive people will find it.

Ironically, I also often use super short one to two-word answers.

Examples of what I might respond with:




Mic Drop.

You’re welcome.




Woot woot.


Those insanely short posts show a lot of confidence. Kinda like driving by in a Ferrari.

The others speed up to see whose driving.

The social media equivalent of checking whose driving is ‘checking out your profile’.


Another example would be if there were “Local Business Awards” announced recently. Or the “Top 40 Under 40”.

These are local influencers.

You should ABSOLUTELY be congratulating (engaging) that person as they’re announced (the key influencers eyeballs on you plus the others reading).

You can then send a private message “congrats on your nomination, you must be super busy, is there anything I can help you with or anyone you’d like to be introduced to?”

Start the conversation.

Don’t be needy like a lame arse or none of this stuff works.

Or if you have a live event coming up (great idea)… say to each of the 40 under 40 / small biz award nominees that “As a result of being nominated, I’d like to ask you to come to my live event on Tuesday where I’ll announce your nomination to the group, encourage them to vote for you.

You’ll also be amongst some of the top marketing / advertising business in XYZ (the city).”

Reach out

Don’t do this too quickly and don’t try sell them immediately.

You’ll look like a lame arse.

If they don’t respond please don’t give up nor let your feelings get hurt. Maybe they didn’t see it. Maybe they saw it and got busy. Maybe they saw it…. meant to reply and forgot.

Be insanely confident and self assured.

Follow above steps and rise and repeat.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

King Karl

PS.  You get what you REFUSE to give up on.

Mic drop.

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