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One Thing: Day 22: Your SUPERPOWER…

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Day 22: Your SUPERPOWER…

On Friday we were talking about how “Your greatest successes will come through other people.” 

I said it then and I’ll say it again… ‘that’s profound’ and I suggest you commit that badboy to your subconscious mind.

Find someone that’s achieved what you’d like to achieve and join forces with them, build your tribe and become a member of a progressive community.

Today is ‘day 22’ of my ONE THING series…. when I play hockey I wear number 22 and if I can’t wear it, I’d almost rather go home. Hard to explain I just love the number and feel comfortable when I wear it.  Uncomfortable when I don’t. 

Here’s a wall in my office where I hung up a few of my Team Canada jerseys… all with number 22 obviously.

Many moons ago I’d get asked for autographs and I’d always sign “Sticks Are For Hatricks” and then my name. Kids would come up and ask me for my signature and specifically ask me to write that.

They didn’t need to ask ‘cause I wasn’t clever enough to come up with a second tagline. And I wasn’t that good so I always figured it was crazy that anyone would want me to sign anything.

A kid that used to play at my hockey rink sent me a message on FB “I still have the Louisville stick you gave me with ‘Sticks Are For Hattricks!’ You taught me a valuable life lesson of giving. We didn’t have much growing up and you’d give me old gear and let me payoff equipment. Looking back it meant a lot to have someone like yourself around. Thank you!”  James Hammond

Obviously, it’s awesome to hear him say thank you but what I want to point out is the tagline he mentioned from 20 years ago.  

It got me a lot of mileage and other guys would just sign their name or best wishes etc….


Todays ONE THING is to create a statement / tagline / SUPERPOWER for you and your coaching. 

Here are some famous examples.

Dominos created “Fresh hot pizza in 30 minutes or less, or it’s free.” 

Fed Ex came up with ‘When it absolutely positively has to be there the next day.”

Robert Allen “No money down real estate.”

Russell Brunson built Clickfunnels into a 100-million-dollar company, in a few short years with “your just one funnel away.”

I built a multi-million dollar company with four words “No Results No Fee.”

Pepsi created the incredibly famous “Taste Test.” 

McDonalds told Moms and they agreed, ‘You deserve a break today.”

Nike said, “Just do it. 

I teach coaches “How to find any business owner $100,000 in 45 minutes without them spending an extra dollar on marketing advertising.” 

It becomes their client attraction SUPERPOWER.

What is your tagline / SUPERPOWER?

You NEED one. 

Tomorrow I’m going to talk about contingency deals with your clients and how I passively get thousands of dollars every month from deals I did years ago.

Please forward this to a coach that needs it or share this badboy on social. 

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

King Karl 

PS. If you’re new to coaching and trying to find your way… help three business owners with zero expectation of money, TODAY.   

Like you would a loved one.

Do that consistently and the path to money will become painfully clear.

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