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ONE THING: Day 20: New Kids on the Block… Step by Step

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Day 20: New Kids on the Block… Step by Step

Yesterday, I was talking about how “Everyone wants to change the world but no one wants to change the toilet paper.”

If you’re in need of momentum get out of your head and just start helping business owners, just like you would a loved one.

The money will show up and your ‘path to money’ will become crystal clear.

This takes a Step-by-Step EFFORT.

BTW, the first album I ever bought was The New Kids on the Block and one of my favorite songs was ‘Step by Step’. I’d like to say my favorite band member was bad-boy, Harley Davidson riding, Donny Wahlberg… unfortunately, it was pretty boy Joey McIntyre.

I might need to stop these daily emails or my poor Dad is going to have a heart attack.


When I built my $5.5 Million Dollar Coaching Business and did $400,000 per month in new small business coaching clients…. testimonials and social proof played a CENTRAL part of the marketing.

In fact, I often built the lead generation marketing materials around the social proof / testimonials. I’d say 99% do it in the opposite order.

My process of finding and closing high-end business coaching clients had 5 steps:

  1. Lead Generation (Email, Direct Mail, Social Media, JV, Telemarketing etc…)
  2. Marketing Bootcamp (live event or Webinar)
  3. Sales and Marketing Audit (a series of questions designed to “disrupt” and ended in an “ASK FOR THE ORDER”. Every time)
  4. Half-Day In The Trenches (2 hours to review the roadmap we created)
  5. 12 months coaching (Progress equals happiness so ensure you create PROGRESS)

The monster and insanely common mistake I see coaches make is their lead generation (step 1 above) material is trying to drive people to a Marketing Bootcamp but the testimonials / social proof talk about a ’12-month relationship’.

The testimonials in your lead generation should talk about step number 2…. “The Marketing Bootcamp”.

Example testimonial I’d put on my marketing material: ‘”I attended Karl Bryan’s Marketing Bootcamp and within 96 hours banked $48,000 in new clients. He’s a revenue and profit ninja!”

Then your equivalent of the ‘Marketing Bootcamp Booklet’ (or PPT slides) should have testimonials about the Sales and Marketing Audit.

Example: ‘I was reluctant to do a Sales and Marketing Audit. Thankfully, I took the plunge and Karl immediately identified two people as my “dream clients.”  Revenues on those two new clients surpassed $50,000 in 30 days. I can’t recommend a Sales and Marketing Audit highly enough!’

Then during the Sales and Marketing Audit, stories and materials should talk about all the successes you’ve had with committed coaching clients.


  1. Should have testimonials and stories for Step 2
  2. Step 2 should have testimonials and stories for Step 3
  3. Step 3 should have testimonials and stories for Step 4
  4. Step 4 should have testimonials and stories for Step 5

Your clients need a similar process and are likely screwing it up. Also, if you use different fonts for the testimonials their impact increases.

Social proof is critical to your coaching and something most are doing horrifically.

Think stories, metaphors, examples, case studies and testimonials as your social proof.

It’s 2am and I’m knackered!!

BTW, I said I’d do this ONE THING for a month, Monday to Friday.

That’s 20 days and I have SUPER appreciated the insane number of shares and many emails / comments of support.  

My penance is up today at 20…. Should I keep going or go back to once per week? If it’s been helpful for you I’d appreciate your reply by email.

I’ve got a ton of really impactful new material I’ve been documenting and want to share… but these emails don’t write themselves and they’re HARD WORK.

Want me to keep going??

Obsessed with your coaching success,

King Karl

PS. I’m not an electrician and have no idea how the lights turn on after I flick the switch. I don’t care… I just want there to be light.

Go change a life today with no consideration of payment whatsoever.

The money will start showing up and ‘path to money’ become painfully obvious to you. But it’ll be HARD WORK.

PPS. What do you think about the ONE THING series?

Should I keep going or go back to once per week?

Let me know.

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