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How You See Me By Steven Greene

by | In the Magazine, Steven Greene

The Ultimate Qualifier App

We now live in distressing times.

A once in a century pandemic has overwhelmed almost every country in the world.

Forced to live inside our dwellings, humans who crave in-person connections to socialize have coped by digitally connecting.

This has circumvented thousands of years of precedent, which suggests human beings interact best one on one.

Irrespective of the Pandemic, our lives have been consumed by content streaming, digital presentations, file types, smartphone standards, digital platforms, digital money, NFTs, and every kind of non-personal interactivity imaginable.

It is hard to believe that Twitter and Facebook are “old school” and clubhouse that uses older technology is “now school!”

We have replaced “Good morning” or “How are you, today?” with Hey, do we – Text? Zoom? Teams? Skype? Slack? FaceTime? And that was before the pandemic. During the lockdown, these types of platforms became even more prevalent.

Look at the positive. We save so much time, so many hours on the road commuting.

So nice we don’t have to get dressed in the morning. Look what we have achieved. Thousands of evolutionary years, and we have finally achieved DISCONNECTED CONNECTION.

Truly, we have reached the beginning of the end of something and the beginning of something else. I am afraid it’s the end of -quite nice- and the beginning of another set of things that are -not so nice-.

Great! So as we move out of lockdown while still relying on social media, digital platforms, and every imaginable kind of technology from talk, money to entertainment and artwork,

How You See Me App

I have discovered a new app that solves a myriad of human interaction problems.

It’s truly remarkable. This application is simple to download, platform-agnostic, and completely intuitive. It’s backward compatible.

It doesn’t matter what generation of android or I-phone you have, what computer you use, or what your internet connection speed is. It can be used while you are connecting digitally or in person, allowing for every kind of interpersonal interaction.

The good news no one can tell your using it. Not like date night where you see couples at dinner holding phones instead of hands and whispering endearments to their devices instead of each other.

This app is called the HOW YOU SEE ME APP. It is the solution to so many of today’s challenges. I believe it may save more time than digital platforms, telecommuting, and zooming. It may even encourage revisiting in-person activity.

This app is terrific for social engagements of every kind. It’s a business tool that offers value beyond anything I have seen recently. It works equally well for women or men. It enables better communication between people of different ages. This app is quite amazing.

How It Works

When you speak with a person or a group about any subject, this app gives insight into how they see you. Not how you really look – what do they see. Not what you actually say – what do they hear. Not your pure intention – what do they believe your intention is.

Think about this for a minute. Can you imagine the benefit of getting this information?

That’s why the tagline for the app is “the ultimate qualifier.” 

If you are in a social situation at a party and start talking about yourself or your life or your business, you know what the other folks see and think as you speak. 

At a social gathering, it could be anything from: 

“Gosh, this woman is so accomplished” – “This guy is a total B.S. artist” – “I’d really like to know more about him/her.”  – “I am so bored listening to this man/woman… how can I get away!”

In a dating situation: 

“I think I am falling in love.”  – “This guy/gal is a real creep.” – “He/She’s _______ ”   (fill in the blank; wonderful, beautiful, intelligent, interesting, someone I want to date.)    “She’s/He’s too __________” (fill in the blank; old, young, bald, skinny, fat, tall, weird) “She seems so nice, but I am afraid to ask her for coffee.”  

In A Business Situation

“What a great business idea.” – “I would like to work for that Company.” – “ I want to invest in that Company.” “This woman can be a mentor to me.” “You can stop talking; I want to buy now.”

Wow, if we could see the other person’s side of things… the point of view of the person we want to engage with socially, in business, or just in the world, that would be a game-changer. We haven’t even mentioned what this might do for relationships with our spouse or children. It could change everything.

Now the question is, where do we purchase the app, and how much does it cost?

Well, you can’t buy it, but you can use the beta version for free. The only issue with the beta version is that it’s only about 80% accurate, so you can rely on the app about 80% of the time.

The interesting part is that we all already have the app installed. We just don’t use it.

The app isn’t available on any digital platform, but it is available preinstalled in our brains.

It is actually easy to use.  Many folks have discovered that one of the tiny positives of our socially distanced, disconnected connection during the horrific pandemic was that sometimes looking at people through media rather than in person gives us access to this app.

That is, we should step back, exercise a bit of patience, and open up our thinking to allow us to perceive a bit more about what the person on the other side of the screen or table is thinking. In that way, we can save time, energy, and move our lives along much more efficiently.

A great question is if this is all built into our remarkable brains, why don’t we use this fantastic tool?

The answer is a bit sad but very true. Many times what we see while using the app is not what we want to see.

We don’t want to face the negative aspects of how others might see us or see in us. We don’t want to hear what others might think of our words or ideas. Instead, we want to push ourselves, our company, our concepts, our feelings without seeing the frame in which “our stuff” is received.

Here is the instruction manual for the HOW YOU SEE ME APP. Pretend it’s real and installed on one of your devices.

Make yourself believe it. Your brain will do the rest. Here is how you use it. You can do this discretely if you are online or do an after-event short session with yourself. You must use ancient, almost obsolete technology… a pen and a notecard.

Yes, writing it down makes a difference. Your written analysis can be a few short words. Your written report’s content is based on looking and listening to the other person, not your posturing, pitching, talking, selling, teaching, mentoring, positioning, telling, pontificating.

If you just slow down, look, and listen, you will receive all the information that the built-in app delivers. Then you just make a few written notes.

Can you imagine the time you will save if you understand that the prospect has no intention of buying, or your patter at a party is boring, or the person you want to go into business with believes you are unworthy?

Too many of us don’t take the time to see the other person’s position. We just plow on with the unqualified. Yes, we may not like what the app is telling us. That’s not the point.

With the information and the perspective, we get when we employ this tool, we save endless amounts of wasted time, move on from disappointment, and become extremely efficient. We can see things realistically and make some good decisions.

Sometimes we can take corrective action. If in a social situation, the app tells us our wardrobe is not up to date, that’s an easy fix. In a business situation, the app tells us we are trying to sell our service to someone who is really not interested; it’s time to move on. I could go on with a thousand examples, but by now most of the readers get the point here. 

Of course, the app isn’t real, but the intuitive ability to see what others see and think is very real.

Anything with about an 80% success rate is a great tool. We all would like to have a device with that success rate for investing or picking who will win in sports, so it seems foolish not to use the one we have for our daily interactions.

The only reason people won’t use the HOW YOU SEE ME APP is because they’re afraid of the information it gives. Well, don’t be.

We all can’t sell every prospect, impress everyone we meet, have every man or woman think we are beautiful, intelligent, or inspirational. A pathway to success is to use this tool to improve ourselves when we see a pattern that can help us make positive changes.

But equally and maybe even more importantly, we can use this tool to move us quickly through people and situations that don’t see us as a good fit for them socially, in commerce, or in any other interaction.

This saves us years of aggravation, frustration, and staying stuck in the same unproductive place!

Steven Greene

 About Steven Greene

Steven is a published author and produced screenplay writer. He is the winner of numerous prestigious awards.  His “out of the box” innovative thinking, true creative credentials, along with C level experience and influence have enabled him to produce added value for clients, in addition to becoming  sought after as a corporate speaker and consultant.

Reach him at

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