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Case Study – Cosmetic Surgeon with Adrian Ulsh

by | Adrian Ulsh, Business Coaching Fundamentals | 0 comments

One of the world’s top cosmetic surgeon’s was experiencing a crisis in his practice. He specialized in performing what he calls a “Mommy Makeover,” and he wanted his marketing to target mothers 25 to 45 years of age with 2 or more children.

After multiple kids, many women opt for this surgery as a way to regain firmness in their abdomen posterior and breasts. The surgeon had implemented an aggressive Facebook PPC campaign and was generating an astounding 300 to 500 highly qualified leads per month. Just one problem – NO ONE was converting into a patient.

His PPC ad was obviously attracting a LOT of attention, but once a prospect clicked on the ad, the surgeon was directing them to his website which didn’t highlight this specific type of surgery. Instead, his website was a typical, generic site that listed ALL the services he provided. Just like 99% of business owners these days, this surgeon was trying to be everything to everyone.

Mommy Makeover surgery was just one of a dozen different services he performed. And of course he had them ALL listed on his website which just adds to the confusion for those looking for specific information about a specific procedure.

There is nothing wrong with a website that features a business’s entire line of products and services. That’s what a website is supposed to do. But you NEVER send a prospect to your website when you’re running a targeted marketing campaign… NEVER!

The key to successful marketing is to ALWAYS “enter the conversation taking place in the head of the prospect.” This surgeon was failing to do that big time. Here’s what his website looked like back then…

Put yourself in the shoes of the ideal prospect for this surgeon… a middle-aged woman with a couple of children who doesn’t like the way her body looks after having kids. Do you really think that the conversation she’s having in her head is focused on her wanting to “nurture the body that will provoke true envy?” What the heck does that even mean???

But you haven’t heard anything yet. Look at the offer in the navigation bar on this website. The surgeon’s offer is for a “virtual consultation.” First of all, WHY would you hide your offer in the navigation bar where no one is going to see it? But it gets better.

This doctor is located in Mexico, and he is one of the top 5 cosmetic surgeons in the world. He actually sits on the board that certifies all other cosmetic surgeons entering the profession… so this guy has major preeminence. But no one knows that about him when they first come to this site. Then he offers each of the women that contact him a virtual consultation so he can assess their body type and provide them with an immediate price quote for the surgery they need and the results they expect.

The virtual consultation can be performed by webcam and it saves each prospect the inconvenience and major expense of having to travel to the doctor’s location… only to discover the procedure is too expensive for them. So a virtual consultation does make sense and could be a compelling offer.

BUT NOT AT THIS STAGE OF THE PROCESS! These women have just clicked on a random ad on Facebook and have been transported to a generic looking website with a “supposed” doctor they know nothing about. Right now, they don’t know if this guy is a real surgeon or an internet pervert with a fake website.

Through his virtual consultation, he wants these women to strip down to bra and panties and stand in front of their webcam so he can “evaluate” their current physical condition!!! Would anyone in their right mind agree to do that??? But this doctor couldn’t figure out why no one was accepting his offer.

This is the typical disconnect you see on most websites these days. And business owners wonder why no one is buying what they sell. Using this abysmal sales process, 300 to 500 leads per month were going right down the drain… along with a significant amount of this surgeon’s advertising dollars. This style of marketing is known as “tactical” marketing, and it’s used by literally 99% of businesses today.

We knew the moment we saw this site what was wrong and why it wasn’t working, so we recommended that the surgeon start a “strategic” marketing campaign where he offers additional information so prospects could find out who this doctor really is and discover for themselves his impeccable qualifications and reputation.

Instead of directing everyone to his website, we sent all of his prospects to a dedicated “squeeze” page that addresses the conversation taking place in the head of each prospect. Here’s how we redesigned the surgeon’s site that focused on offering information instead of the consultation…

When these women get out of the shower in the morning and look at themselves in the mirror, the conversation in their head is saying “I want the body I had before I had kids!” That’s the message that resonates with this target audience, and with the help of this redesigned site, this doctor’s conversion rate went through the roof. The offer for the free report titled “Candid Answers About Mommy Makeover Surgeries” proved to be irresistible and compelling, and 70% of all prospects that landed on this site requested it.

Look at the caption below the report title… “what are the risks… what are the benefits… will it look natural?” Do you think every woman considering this type of surgery might be asking herself those exact questions?

That report allowed us to capture each prospect’s contact information, and then begin a follow up campaign that continued to reinforce the information in that free report. Once the doctor’s credibility was firmly established, NOW he could make them the offer for the virtual consultation, and the women felt comfortable accepting it. The end result is a 10 fold increase in sales for this doctor.

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