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7-Day Post Template with Kim Walsh-Phillips

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I’m certain there have been more divorces over putting together Ikea furniture than anyone would admit. If you’ve ever tried it yourself, the instructions are complicated, time consuming and for the birds.

Thankfully there are “Ikea Furniture Assembly” folks for hire. Call them up and they will come and build it. And so I do, and they remove the “Ikea time suck” and frustration, and yet I can have the Swedish and Sleek furniture I want.

Want the same quick-fix for your content schedule?

Think of this article as your own “build it for you” system for Posting. Because who doesn’t want to get better results from your Facebook Page without spending a lot of time working on it?

Use this 7-Day Post Formula to get more people to your website and more customers to your business who have cash-in-hand and are willing to pay you top dollar for your products, programs and services.

7-Day Post Template

  • Inspiring Quotes: Comb through your previous blogs, articles, videos, courses, white papers, etc. and pull out 20 quotes that can educate, entertain and inspire.  And then use my bff design app WordSwag to create quote posts. Add a sentence above the post to add more personality to it.
  • Share links to your blog content. Instead of simply sharing other people’s posts, authoring content that showcases your expertise goes a long way to securing your market leadership. As a time saver, I design my blog post title images so they will also work as a social media post and then use a post scheduling software – MeetEdgar – that allows you to repeat your posts automatically.
  • Use Facebook Live. Connecting with your audience beyond text and opening up to live interaction is one of the most effective ways you can establish yourself as the authority in your niche. You’re basically creating your own media channel where you’re the star, for free, and reaching a gazillion (scientific fact) people. Plus Facebook shares your content from Facebook Live with more people for free than any other media. I put together several how-to’s about Facebook Live, but here’s a great one to start with:
  • Share Useful Resources. Some of my most popular posts are the ones where I share my favorite marketing and sales books, apps or tools that I use all the time. People want things that are valuable and will help save them time, make them money or help them find out about something others don’t know. (We all secretly want to be the smarty pants in our circle!). Include this content in your regular schedule.
  • A Slice of Life.  Sharing photos of moments of your life and business allows your Fans to get to know you more and build trust with you. This goes a long way toward getting them to say, “Oh, heck yes!” when you ask them to opt-in to your juicy carrot or hand over their hard-earned cash. The best app for editing photos that all of the young kids use to make their pictures all pretty and such? Facetune.  (Not that I ever used them to make my teeth whiter… no, not me…)
  • Giveaway.  Who doesn’t love a good bribe? (Be honest.)  Fans’ engagement will go up if you entice your audience to respond. Ask a trivia question or for feedback and then give a prize to one respondent. I used WordSwag (again!) for the post example below.
  • Pull in Others and Tag Them in the Photos. Whether it’s with my team or when I’m at an event with others, I try not to miss a chance to snap a picture, share it and tag others. (Frankly, the price you pay for being my friend is that you will most likely be on my Facebook page in about a nano-second of “hello.”) Sharing your posse in your posts not only helps your circle of influence grow your following but it helps build trust with your audience because they get to see the circle your surround yourself with.

Try one to two of these post ideas to add variety to your content and build trust with your audience.

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