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3 Elements of a Converting Coaching Landing Page with Torie Mathis

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3 Elements of a Coaching Landing Page That Converts

Your landing page is an important factor in your coaching sales funnel.

It must entice prospective clients to hand over their email address, giving you permission to not only contact them in the future, but most convince them to buy things from you as well.

Is yours doing its job? Do you know if your landing pages are converting?

Often times it’s not, and you may not even know it. Let’s take a look at your current opt-in offers and their landing page partners with a critical eye and watch for important elements that will make or break it’s ability to convert. Here are three elements that will boost your landing page’s conversions:

1. A Compelling Offer

This is what will ultimately entice someone to join your mailing list. It might be a checklist or a resource guide or a short video training series. It could even be the promise of a weekly email, but it has to be something valuable to your ideal client.

Not only that, but the copy on your landing page must clearly state the benefits of your offer. What will your reader gain from it? What’s in it for him?

It’s important here to know the difference between a feature and a benefit. No one cares if your eBook is 147 pages long. That’s a feature. The benefit is what sells it. In this case, the benefit might be that the reader will discover an easy way to earn and extra $100 per month in their business. That’s certainly worth giving up your email address for!

2. A Call to Action

This is where you ask your reader to do something. You want him to fill in her name and email address and click that button, so you have to make it very clear that’s his job.

Great calls to action don’t look like work (subscribe, join, learn all can sound like too much trouble), and compel the reader to take the next step.

  • Download Now
  • Listen Now
  • Instant Approval

Using an enticing call to action can mean the difference between a 1% conversion rate and a 60% conversion, so it’s important to look at your call to action with a critical eye and to test it to make sure it’s performing.

3. Check Your Analytics

Which brings us to the ever so important analytics. You can’t improve what you don’t track, so be sure you’re using some kind of analytics on your landing page. Google Analytics (and others) will tell you how many visitors you receive. Divide the number of opt-ins by the number of page unique visitors, and that will tell you your conversion rate.

Take this one step further by using a software that is made for creating landing pages, like Leadpages or ClickFunnels. Either of these can easily serve half your visitors one page, and half a slightly different page. Compare the results, keep the one with the higher conversions, and then test again with a third version.

It’s no longer enough just to have an opt-in form in your sidebar. You have to consciously create a landing page that makes a great offer, has a strong call to action, and continually test and tweak it to improve performance. Do this one thing, and your funnel will fill itself—and so will your coaching programs.

About Torie Mathis

Torie Mathis helps small business owners and service-based professionals get SMART AF with their marketing. It's time to grow your business without wasting any more time, money or sanity. She is the founder of the Smart Arsenal and host of the SMART AF podcast. Tune in and find out more at
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