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Why Practitioners Struggle to Expand Their Practices By Parthiv Shah 

by | In the Magazine, Parthiv Shah

I travel a lot for work and often meet some enthusiastic and extremely bright practitioners all over the country.

An underlying struggle I see all of them face is being unable to market their practice to reach a broader set of patients. As a marketing expert, this is something that breaks my heart to see a 100% competent medical professional worrying about who their next client is going to be.

The Struggle

So, I’ve taken it on myself to help you navigate the marketing game with ease and grace. It could be tricky at first to find your ground while marketing to your ideal clientele, what with having no formal education on how to build a thriving and sustainable practice.

But, it is essential for you to understand that there are more people than you think that are seeking what you have to offer, and as a business owner, the onus lies on you to let people know you exist so that they can make an informed choice.

Concerning fields like cosmetic surgery, hair transplants, and augmentation procedures, the approach is not straight forward, since there are taboos associated with each of them. While countries like South Korea have openly embraced the concept of cosmetic surgeries, it is still considered taboo to get under the knife in societies like ours.

Does that mean your chances of attracting new patients are bleak? Absolutely not. While the overall percentage of people mulling over cosmetic procedures is low, it’s only growing. I want to take you through how you can improve your clientele through practical and simple techniques.

Offer Value

Establish yourself as a leader in your field for your potential clients to see. How can you do that? Use your years of experience in medical practice to educate your audiences on various topics related to your sphere.

If you’re a cosmetic surgeon, you could speak about different procedures like Botox or a Brazilian butt lift, and what results they offer. The idea is to take the approach of magnetic marketing instead of traditional marketing methods – which we have established don’t work for your niche audience.

Offer free quizzes so people can learn about their skin/body type, free online consultations or free eBooks that give them an insight into what you deal with, or even simple tips they can use every day. Not only does this establish you as a subject matter expert but pulls your potential clients towards you without much effort.

Keep Your Messaging Positive

People always remember how you made them feel. Make sure people are left empowered with the messaging you distribute.  Making ads with negative connotations is passé. If you want your waitlist to be filled, make sure your potential clients know they lack nothing and are entirely on their own, and what your service offers is merely an enhancement to uplift them. What you provide is a safe, readily available option for people to enhance not just their looks, but their confidence, by fixing what they may be insecure about. Make sure this comes through in your messaging, and your potential clients know they will be cared for in a safe environment.  Let them know indisputably that they matter, their feelings matter, that their confidence is being negatively affected by not appearing to others that they are beautiful. 

Keep the reviews coming

You may have worked with multiple happy clients over the years. Take their help in attracting new patients, since no marketing works like word-of-mouth marketing. Think about it wouldn’t you visit that one restaurant your friends rave about time and again? When you deal with a niche set of clients, you will find takers within their own circles and communities.

Just ask them to put in a good word or offer a discount on their services if they bring in a friend at their next appointment. Your new customers will be much relaxed since they’re there with a friend.

For online platforms, make sure your website and other social media reviews are powerful. Keep your clients anonymous if they wish, but ensure your best reviews are out there for everyone to see. Be proactive in responding to negative feedback. I can’t stress on this enough.

An old adage goes  “What God doesn’t give, a doctor can” referring to all the physical attributes people wish they were born with but aren’t. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but when it is our eyes in the mirror, who can you believe in more?

While it may seem daunting to navigate around the marketing space, understand that you come with substantial medical experience, and your clients are in safe hands. Your expertise, armed with a few marketing tricks up your sleeve could win the day.

Practitioners struggle to expand their practices for many reasons, but these are just a hint at the challenges medical experts face day-to-day. 

 About Parthiv Shah

Parthiv Shah is the Founder and President of, a locally grown and internationally known digital marketing agency in suburbs of Washington DC. Parthiv is a data scientist, practicing principles of BIG DATA in small business space.

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