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What Do Business Owners WANT From A Coach? with Adrian Ulsh

by | Adrian Ulsh, Business Coaching Fundamentals | 0 comments

In my last article, I promised I would reveal what it is that all small business owners want from a business coach.

What are their perceptions and expectations?

What is it they hope, pray and dream we can provide to them?

Once you understand what business owners want, you’ll know what to do when you sit down to offer them your coaching services.

But in order to understand what they want, you first need to understand what business owners currently get from most coaches. In a word, mediocrity! They hear coaches tell them they can double their number of leads, and then see no increase whatsoever.

They hear coaches tell them how they will explode their revenue and profits, only to see their overall revenue remain stagnant. And perhaps worst of all, coaches promise business owners cutting-edge strategies but only provide them with worthless information.

Information on its own is worthless! It’s the application of information that produces results. The job of a coach is to assist their clients in applying the right information in the right order to get the right results.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of coaches I speak with and train have NO clue what the right information in the right order entails. And therefore they have no idea how to apply that information to produce results.

So is it any wonder business owners look at coaching with extreme skepticism?

And that brings us to what it is that business owners WANT!

Business owners today are looking for a coach that can provide “new insights.” They want a coach that can frame those new insights and tie them into new opportunities for the business owner.

Let me give you a vivid example. Look at most marketing today. It’s all the same. Take print ads for instance. Most print ads follow the exact same format… the name of the business appears at the very top, followed by a “menu” of products or services the business offers, and then ends with either a phone number or a discount offer. 95% of marketing follows this exact same pattern… and 95% of all marketing fails to produce any meaningful results.

This format is “Branding 101,” and branding will NEVER work for small businesses. Big businesses can get away with it because they have budgets that run into the millions of dollars every year. Run enough ads over and over and no matter how insipid or lame the ad is, you will eventually pound it into the prospects head.

Have you ever asked someone to pass you a facial tissue… or did you ask them to hand you a Kleenex? Do you ever say “let’s go get a soda”… or do you say “let’s go get a Coke?” Kleenex and Coke are brand names that millions of dollars have been spent over the years searing those names into our conscious thoughts.

Unfortunately, small business owners don’t have those big budgets, and yet they continue to attempt to emulate the big guys simply because they believe “that must be how it’s done. After all, they do it and they make millions!”

Yep, they do make millions, and they spend millions doing it. Small business needs new insights when it comes to marketing. They need to see new opportunities for them to profit from their marketing instead of throwing their marketing budget down a deep dark hole month after month.

So what are those “new insights?” Believe it or not, marketing is NOT an art… it’s a SCIENCE! And just like most things in science, there’s an equation that guides its success. It’s called the Conversion Equation, and it’s made up of four parts… Interrupt, Engage, Educate and Offer.

When businesses apply this Conversion Equation to their marketing, new opportunities begin to emerge. As an example, a moving company was on the verge of bankruptcy. They were only generating 70 leads per month…had a meager 16% conversion rate which translated into just 11 sales per month.

After applying the Conversion Equation to their ad, their leads skyrocketed to 955 per month. Their conversion rate exploded to 68%… producing 650 sales per month. This moving company couldn’t come close to handling that increased volume of sales and ended up contacting and hiring four of their local competitors to help them handle the volume.

Those four competitors bought out this moving company nine months later for over $2 million dollars. All of this was the result of providing that moving company with new insights into how they should format their marketing, and once they did, new opportunities presented themselves.

If you would like to gain new and cutting-edge insights into small business marketing, watch this video I created for you. And then present these new insights to the prospects you meet with over the next several weeks… and watch your opportunities to sign up new coaching clients explode along with your revenue and profits.

So until next time,

Adrian Ulsh

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