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Video: How To Find Your IDEAL Client! with Karl Bryan

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Clients who pay on time… EVERY TIME!

Clients who follow your guidance and training to the letter… NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Clients who are not only a pure joy to work with, but they refer others to you as well.

OK, I was just dreaming….. sorry about that ha ha.

In all seriousness, these business owners exist and there’s a roadmap you can follow to find them.

These types of clients are the ones we might label as “IDEAL!”

Unfortunately, they’re super hard to come by – UNLESS you know the secret formula for finding them.

I promised you a short video where I’ll teach you how to look under small camouflaged rocks… use your lead generation compass to run straight into them… make sure they attend all your live events… and help you find these types of high-end dreamy clients.

*Leave me a comment you lazy bugger!!!!



Karl Bryan


  1. If you can comment on the video (I know I suck at it but I promise to get better with a little encouragement) that would be greatly appreciated. If you know of another coach that needs the info please share it.

PPS. Also… if you need some help driving small business traffic or getting new coaching clients that can actually afford you….. send me an email (reply to this one) and I’ll help you out and arrange to walk you through my online lead generation tools and software.

PPPS. I PROMISE it doesn’t need to be that hard to get small business coaching clients. There is a system and if you follow it…. everything becomes SO MUCH easier.

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His goal is straight forward… to help serious coaches/consultants get more clients and to start using the internet effectively.

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