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Tips for Using Social Media Sites To Promote Your Coaching Business with Terri Levine

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You probably know that as a business coach you need to utilize online networking and social media to advance your business.

Yet, I find that many business coaches are not utilizing online networking with social media correctly and they are missing out on huge financial opportunities. it’s important to get real views on youtube if you decide to buy them. Do you know what these coaches (and maybe you) are doing wrong? They (and maybe you) are trying to get coaching clients from their social media posts and fall into what I call “pitch mode”.

Go to Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter and you will see post after post that is unmistakably only an advertising message. Coaches who are creating these posts are losing followers and credibility and turning away potential prospects. In the noise of online social media networking, I would say, many coaches are turning prospects off and not on. When you learn how to network using social media correctly, you can quickly find like-minded people and businesses that could enlighten and benefit you massively.

I want you to shift your web-based social networking posts far from pitching and to really contributing information, education, and value to your potential client family members. Use social media to take part in discussions and information and education sharing, and soon you will create a following of prospects who want to hear from you and who will have a natural enthusiasm for your postings without you offering your coaching services to them.

Over the past 6 years, I have created seven figures per year in income just from social media, without paying for promotions, and without posting things that are marketing or sales related. You can do the same. I have shared how I do this with my client family members and they have great results as well.

Now, I am going to share this information with you and when you utilize online social media networking accurately your business will grow and develop and prosper. I am excited to reveal this information to you in this article as my way of giving back to the profession of coaching which has been so good to me over the past several decades.

Before I demonstrate to you the basic recipe for your web-based social networking success, right this minute alter your beliefs away from utilizing web-based social networking as publicizing. Instead, start to consider how you can help your intended interest group. I will share some simple refinements to your social media that, if you will actually follow my formula, can dramatically shift the number of leads you get from social media.

Let me give you one example of the success this creates

One of my clients, Allen, had a following of a few thousand people and his posts were receiving few comments, and few shares and his engagement was very poor.  His posts were driving people to sign up for free events as well as directing them to a website.

That is far from valuable content and right away I saw why people weren’t engaging.  In addition, a lot of his followers were from around the world and few from Canada (where he lives).  He had paid Facebook for followers through a worldwide ad campaign and built followers who were not his target audience and not in conversation with him on either Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

I told Allen that if I desired business help, his posts would have turned me off.  I shared some posts with him that I created samples for him to use. Each post either had valuable data and information his prospects could use in their business.  The posts were educational and helpful to a business owner who would want to grow their business. The posts have substance and would resonate with a business owner who was struggling and who wanted to achieve more success in their business.

I asked him to tell me if the posts he did that were more like advertising content would draw his audience or the posts I created could create engagement and have his potential client family members get to know him, like him and trust him and maybe even raise their hands asking him for help.  He agreed that my reverse marketing posts would work better.

I put up one post a day for Allen for 5 business days.  Prior to me posting the most comments Allen had was 11 and he had no shares. The biggest audience that had seen posts was 137.  At the end of the week of me posting for Allen, he had one post with 239 comments that was seen by 3,876 people.

The other posts for the week averaged 98 comments with 2,857 views.  Numbers and metrics tell us that my posts were working.  More importantly, 15 people raised their hands so that Allen could engage in an off-line conversation with them and he will probably convert 3 of them into his high-ticket signature coaching program for $10,500 each.

Think about this.  You see a post that is trying to get you to a free session or to a click funnel with some item that doesn’t create real outcomes for people or to a website, webinar, etc.  That’s just a lot of noise and you appear as a “me too” coach. Then you see a post that you read and as a business owner, you align with the post because of a concept or learning that you can instantly apply to your business.  Which post created value? Who helped you?

Who would you turn to?  Who might you engage with?  My experience shows over and over again it is the business coach who creates value in what they post on social media who gains ideal prospects without ads.

Here is my secret equation for online networking!

1. Create a list or spreadsheet of the kinds of education, information and data your prospective client family members would find fascinating and that would help them have fewer struggles in their business and bring them closer to their goals.

2. Look at Quora and Yahoo! Answers to perceive what sorts of data and education your intended interest group is asking about and the questions they are asking about that you can help them with.

3. Before you design any post on any social media network as yourself this question, “Is the post I am making going to help the kinds of prospective client family members that I want to work with?”

That’s it!  Three simple steps that add up to big online profits with your exact prospective client family members raising their hands and asking you for help.  They identify themselves to you instead of you hunting and chasing prospects.

I read every post I create carefully before I publish my own posts that are intended to attract my client family members. I evaluate the success of my own posts by asking myself if the post will create value and help someone.  If the answer is yes, I hit the mark.  If it’s a no, then I create a post with higher perceived value.


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Dr. Levine has more than 30 years of business, sales, and marketing experience encompassing work with over 5,000 business owners. She is also a best-selling author of over 30 titles and a very popular keynote speaker.

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