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The Founders of Uber And Business Coaching by Karl Bryan

by | Karl Bryan

In the previous post that mentioned Tony Robbins, I talked about “investing in you” and the subsequent power…  If you can get focused. 

I bought the domain name “” for this exact reason. 

I needed to get Focused… so I bought it :o)

I’d like to step it up a gear and talk about achieving all your heart desires in business.

Uber, a 50 to 100 billion dollar company started by 30 something’s….  is built on the back of 2 questions.

  1. Where are you?
  2. Where do you want to go?

The simplicity of that blows my mind.

The secret to achieving all your heart desires is this: Answer these two Uber questions definitively. Less than 4% of the population has taken the time to decide what they want to accomplish and frankly are totally lost when it comes to being honest with “where are you?”

I’ve sat with countless business owners where I’ll ask them questions like “What are your conversions..? They’ll answer with “75 – 100% consistently.  “KB, If I can just get in front of the right audience I close them every time…” Then we do their numbers and they’re grossly disappointed and embarrassed.

Otherwise stated… “If you do not know where you are going… any road will get you there!”

Setting excellent targets and then the discipline to follow through on the basic principals is the fastest way to greatness.  Let me try create a step by step list to launch you and your business coaching clients towards ‘best self’ and a bank balance that buys the car, house and holiday you have always dreamed of.

Here it goes…

1. Assume total responsibility! 

For where you are at and never place blame or deflect responsibility. Promote yourself to CEO of your personal services business and unequivocally decide that no one other than yourself will be responsible for results from this day forth.

As your own CEO you must decide:

a. What output you want to generate and be paid for (learn to say ‘NO’)

b. Which ‘self-promotional’ strategy you will use (positioning and pre-eminence are key when closing coaching)

c. How much your clients will earn as a result of working with you (don’t kid yourself, your clients MUST see a financial win or they’re canceling with you. I try place $100,000 in the bank account of my clients as the minimum goal. Magically… they stick around and like me)

d. Who you will include (love your family, choose your peers and those closest to you)

e. Your personal learning strategy (I taught myself to speed read – recommend if highly and easier than you think. Knowledge is power!)

f. Your research and development strategy (you will be amazed what sort of info and resources are available when you know where to look)

2. Act as if you had no limitations.

Be careful not to limit your thinking to the resources you currently have to draw like time, money and experience. Successful people like Michael Jordan, Anthony Robbins and the late, great Steve Jobs visualize the future as a vehicle to getting there. 

You should as well… here’s a loose checklist:

a. What does my perfect business coaching company look like?

b. What would I be doing and where?

c. What kind of businesses and personalities would I like to be working with?

d. How much would I be earning?

e. What kind of lifestyle would my family enjoy?

f. What would be my overall level of health?

g. How would I balance my work/recreational time?

h. How would I be contributing to the world?

i. **What skills do I need to possess to get to this ‘ideal business’?

j. **Where can I get these skills? (Karl Bryan…. hint hint :o)

3. Be honest about where you are now!

In order to achieve your end goal, you must be totally realistic with where you are starting from. Determining your situation and make slow steady improvements from your baseline. Expecting to take one giant leap of forwards is often unrealistic and a recipe for disappointment (weight loss… cough cough). In order to document where you are as the CEO of your personal services business you should:

a. Do a skills and abilities inventory – specifically identifying your strengths and weaknesses. It’s rare to be a good salesperson AND a good coach.

b. Look for areas where circumstances have changed (finances/relationships?) and where you need to make corresponding changes in the way you act.

c. Identify the five to seven key results areas for your career – and identify how you are doing in each of these areas.

Ok.. this is getting a little long. See a trend from my other posts..? lol.

I’ll close this off and see if I can get more magic re: working out the roadmap to answer two critical questions that turned Uber into a 50 billion dollar company. Wild if you ask me.  Watch for part 2 tomorrow.

Thanks for tuning in,


Karl Bryan, creator of Profit Acceleration Software™  

Karl is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Six-Figure Coach Magazine and Chairman of, home of the largest private community of Business Coaches (24 countries and counting) in the world. His goal is straightforward… to help serious coaches/consultants get more clients. Find out more at

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