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No Book Like It By Justin Brooke

by | In the Magazine, Justin Brooke

I got a book recommendation for you…

Actually it’s the highest selling book of ALL TIME!

If you guessed that I’m talking about the Bible, you’d be right, BUT you might not know this next part…

Did you know there’s a story of a man who lives inside a whale?!

Wait hold up…

The Bible

Isn’t the Bible supposed to be real? How can someone live inside a whale???

Glad you’re paying attention, see now THIS part is my absolute favorite part about the Bible…

It’s the worlds most clever anti-censorship technology ever invented.

It’s designed in such a way that EVEN if you rip it in half, it’ll still deliver the whole message.

There’s a section in the beginning that’s so intelligently written that it sounds like just a list of names BUTTTT if you look up each of those names meanings in Hebrew it’s actually a summary of the whole book!!! 

Think that’s crazy, listen to this next fact…

The Bible is actually not just one book it’s compiled of 66 books written by 40 different authors over a course of 1,500ish years.

But wait there’s more…

The entire thing is hyperlinked – meaning parts of the newest books reference parts of the older and parts of the older version reference parts THAT WEREN’T EVEN WRITTEN YET!

(Proof of it’s divine inspiration)

I’m telling you this is the coolest book you could possibly own and not just because #religion.

You can geek out on Bible codes and historical accuracy and lore about powerful angels.

Do you like life hacks?

The book of Proverbs are life hacks written by one of the richest Kings to ever live.

Do you like conspiracy theory?

Wait until you read the book of revelations!!! What could be a bigger conspiracy than the end of times???

Do You Like Hero’s?

There’s a dude in the book of Judges named Samson who is a legendary warrior with super human strength (but if his hair is cut he becomes wimpy).

Honestly, how can you call yourself a reader and pass up a book like this?

Best seller… CHECK!

Cool stories… CHECK!

Insider secrets… CHECK!

Oh and as a bonus, it might just give you eternal everlasting life.

That parts up to you.

You’re just gunna have to dig in and find out if you qualify and how. (Hint: it’s super easy to qualify)

Now before I go…

One does not simply “casually buy a Bible”

There are hundreds of variations.

So Let Me Help You Out…

First, they are all the same. Meaning they all have the same stories and life hacks and secrets.

The difference is some are written in really old fancy language like doth, hath, whoeth, shall, thus, etc. And some are written for 4th graders.

Some are even done in comic book style.

I recommend getting the Youversion Bible app on your phone or tablet. Because this gives you free access to all the different versions.

This way you can switch back and forth from easy mode to hardcore mode. Also you can bookmark things, highlight, and flip between chapters in two clicks.

If you really really want a physical copy (it’s cool to have one) then try ESV or NIV version, these are medium reading level. Hard enough to be the real deal but easy enough to not hate reading it.

If you really want to geek out on reading it, get the Amplified Bible. This one really helps you get the full context of each paragraph. It’s got lots of extra context built in to make it all make sense.

Oh and if you get the Youversion app like I use then we can be friends on there and share notes and bookmarks. We can even comment on each other’s notes. It’s cool.

Plus there are a bunch of reading plans you can follow along with like “read the Bible in 1 year” or “read the Bible in 60 days” (super hardcore!!)


Will you read the highest selling book of all time?

Or will you settle for average books? 

I hope at least I’ve told you something you never knew about the Bible.

There’s no other book like it.

P.S. If you have questions about it’s historical accuracy or legitimacy, I’m happy to answer in the comments below.

No other ancient book in history has more evidence for it, nothing even comes close to how much evidence the Bible has.

I’m an easy guy to find. ~ Justin Brooke

 About Justin Brooke

Justin Brooke is the founder of Adskills. We are the world's largest online school for digital advertising. We teach advertisers how to install proven campaign frameworks tested first with our own dollars.

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