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Marketing Case Study Part 6 by Adrian Ulsh

by | Adrian Ulsh, In the Magazine

Over my last several issues, I’ve been backing up a very bold statement I made.

I said that everything you’ve ever learned about generating leads and growing your coaching practice is wrong. Everything you’ve ever heard, everything you’ve ever tried, and everything you’ve ever done  it’s all wrong.

In this multi-part series

I want to teach you a system for marketing your coaching, to a point where it becomes instantly obvious to your prospects that they would be an idiot to receive coaching from anyone other than you, at anytime, anywhere or at any price.

In my last article, I discussed in-depth how you as a business coach can use hot buttons to generate dramatic increases in your client’s leads and conversion rates. Hot buttons are important, relevant issues. They’re based on something that’s familiar, unusual, or problematic. The secret is to highlight the hot buttons through what we call the Conversion Equation, Interrupt, Engage, Educate and Offer.

Over the past several articles, I’ve gone into tremendous detail regarding the Interrupt and the Engage. Today, let’s complete our marketing discussion by detailing the third and fourth components of the conversion equation: Educate and Offer. I mentioned in an earlier article that every marketing piece should contain a risk-lowering offer to encourage the prospect to take the next step, and that offer should generally be to receive additional information, or in other words, to further educate the prospect, and to build your case.

Now here’s the real key to success in marketing. The right offer allows you to capture a large percentage of all future buyers in addition to those looking to buy right now. There’s an educational process that the prospect goes through, from the moment they begin thinking about buying your product or service, to the point where they actually complete the purchase. Most marketing only caters to those now-buyers who’ll be making a purchase decision in the very near future, and does nothing, or very little, to educate those who are just thinking about it right now, but who might buy later.

Here’s the problem with that

At any given moment, the number of prospects who are ready to buy right now represent no more than 1-3% of all those who are ultimately going to buy what you sell. You’ve got 97-99% of your prospects who are in the thinking-about-it and gathering-information mode, but when they’re attempting to gather information, you don’t give it to them!

This is where the fourth component of the conversion equation becomes absolutely huge. Your offer gives you the opportunity to provide additional, educational information to the gathering-information-mode prospects and, in the process, capture valuable information about who these people are, so that you can proactively market to them on an ongoing basis. This allows you to take total control of your target market.

The daycare that we’ve been talking about makes a perfect example of this. How many of the parents that see that ad for daycare remember the one that says, Ever Felt Like Your Daycare Treated Your Child Like A Number Instead Of A Little Person? Or the one that said, Is Your Daycare’s Idea Of Good Educational Curriculum Watching Barney On TV? Remember those?

How many of those readers do you think are ready and waiting to relocate their kid from their current daycare to this daycare, and were relieved to see this ad so they could finally make the switch? My guess: maybe 1% maximum are now-buyers. But because the headline, sub-headline, and images are so powerful – because they do such a good job of interrupting and engaging, a lot more parents who are not ready to buy right this minute are going to see those ads, pay attention, and be interested.

These powerful ads could easily compel as many as 10, 15, or even 25% of the parents who read these ads to seriously contemplate changing daycare services. But if the ad’s only offer is the typical one that most daycares put in their ads “call for a free consultation” then none of those future buyers are going to call. Why would they? If you’re not ready to make a change, why on Earth would you call now for a free consultation? You wouldn’t! Furthermore, the ad itself is relatively limited in size. The daycare can’t possibly cram their entire case with all of its associated evidence right there in the ad. It won’t fit!

Informational offer

This is why we would recommend that the daycare provide what we call an informational offer. What if they offered everyone who calls a free report titled, 10 Things Your Daycare May Not Tell You! This report uncovers the 10 critical areas all parents must know and investigate before they place their kids with anyone offering daycare services. This revealing report compares the 17 most popular area daycares against each other in all 10 of these areas, saving the parents their time, effort and energy when making that all important decision as to who will watch their child.

But here’s the really neat part by having this type of offer. When the parents do call in, or go online to request the free report, the daycare can now capture that prospect’s contact information and proactively market to them from now until forever.

Then the daycare could set up what we call a drip campaign to consistently and repetitiously follow up with these interested parents and keep providing them with additional decision-making information until they finally become ready to buy. Depending on what you sell and the specific situation, there are actually eight different types of informational offers that we create and offer your prospects. And if we want to dominate your marketplace, we’ve got to get your offers right as well. Hopefully, this is all coming together for you now.

Interrupt, engage, educate

Interrupt, engage, educate, and offer make up the conversion equation, and that equation is literally the backbone of all the incredibly successful marketing campaigns we’ve ever put together. So, let’s go ahead and wrap this up. You can probably tell from the depth of information in this series of articles that we have a bona fide step by step system that helps business coaches just like you gain the skills and knowledge to offer your coaching clients superior marketing that makes their phone ring. Remember earlier I said that our system works for big, Fortune 500 kinds of companies. Well, our passion doesn’t lie with helping huge, soulless corporations.

Our passion is for you, the dedicated business coach who has a deep passion for helping small business owners succeed and build multimillion-dollar businesses. I’m talking about those business owners who have to scrape, fight and battle every day just to earn a living. Our system is a way for those business owners to reach the ultimate pinnacle of life: financial freedom for them and their family, along with the ability to do whatever they want with their time and money. After all, most business owners started their business because they had a true passion for what they do. But when marketing is ineffective, owning your own business can become no more than working a poorly paying job.

Compelling and successful marketing can provide them with the financial freedom to pursue their real, true ambitions in life. I believe that everybody has a cause, a cause that can be more fully pursued and supported when you’re financially independent. Let us help you and your clients reach that goal. We have the tools, resources and support to help you accomplish this in record time. All we ask if that you implement the information we’ve provided over the last 6 articles.

Listen, this process enables me to walk into any small business anywhere in the country and find that business a minimum of $100,000 in additional revenue, and do so in less than 45 minutes. Learn this process, and you can do this too.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series of article, and that the information I presented will enable you to create more effective marketing for your coaching and your clients.

Thanks for investing your time with me over the past several months.

 About Adrian Ulsh

Adrian Ulsh is the CEO for Leader Publishing Worldwide, the largest online provider of coaching services worldwide. Adrian currently works with more than 500 coaches in 24 countries advising them on building 6 and 7 figure coaching practices.

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