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How to build a profitable coaching business using LinkedIn By Helen Pritchard

by | Helen Pritchard, In the Magazine

What if you could do work you love, with clients that love you and give yourself the lifestyle you have always wanted and beyond?

What if your ideal clients come to you directly – knowing exactly what you offer and how much you charge, so you never had to have a sales conversation again?

Now imagine that you could stop spending money on marketing and, instead, do three simple things on LinkedIn each day to build a coaching business you love.

That’s the big outcome multi-award-winning online marketing specialist Helen Pritchard says LinkedIn can offer when the platform is used to its full potential as an amazing lead-generating tool. 

Helen has helped thousands of business owners who are drowning in overwhelm – working too many hours for too little money.

Helen Pritchard teaches coaches how to attract their ideal clients by posting quality content on LinkedIn and being clear about what they offer, who they help, and what outcomes they deliver.

Here, in Integrative Success, Helen sets out a roadmap for coaches who are prepared to do the work, be consistent, and show up.

Value, Joy, Profit

Ask yourself: Where do you add the most value? What brings you the most joy? Where do you make (or could you make) the most profit?

Working out your ‘Value, Joy, Profit Triangle’ gives you permission to only offer coaching services you love that are profitable and add value to your customers.

Identify your ideal client

Now you know what you want to offer, get clear on your ideal client. Who do you want to work with?

Picture them in great detail, with a name, age, and occupation. What kind of home do they live in? Do they have a partner or kids? What do they do for fun? How much money do they make?

Do not overthink it, but keep going until you can visualize them as a real person.

Focus on what keeps them awake at night and the big outcomes you could deliver for them.

Set your LinkedIn profile up for success

When you send a connection request on LinkedIn, the first thing the person sees is your headline; therefore, it should ‘speak’ to your ideal client.

Use the formula: Helping [ideal client] achieve [the big outcome that you offer] by [how you deliver your thing]. For example: ‘Helping ambitious females in tech to break their own glass ceilings through confidence coaching.’

(Get this step right, then you never need to send out a personalized connection request again!)

Your summary is designed to drive traffic and to engage your ideal clients – i.e., those potential prospects you have added to your audience. It should spell out their frustrations and how you can help overcome them.

Use this template to fill it in:

  • Are you an [ideal client]?
  • Do you feel frustrated by [give examples]?
  • Are these things happening [give examples]?
  • Do you want these things to happen [give alternative examples]?
  • If so, I can help
  • This is how
  • This is why you need to do this now
  • This is what you need to do next

Quality LinkedIn content

Every day, send ten connection requests to your ideal clients and then post my ‘Four Pillars of Content’:

  • A long-form ‘story’-style post
  • A video
  • Social proof (such as a client testimonial)
  • A ‘Call to Action’ to buy from you

Engage with your ideal clients – nurturing your relationships by sharing, liking, and commenting on their content.

Bad practice to avoid

Do not send direct messages to any connections – especially brand-new ones! They will feel like they are being sold to no matter what you write in that message.

When you stand strong in who you are, what you do, and how you help people – and you are open and upfront about your pricing and packages – then people will come to you.

Do not worry about buying adverts, joining groups, automation, or complicated algorithms. The time you spend each day connecting and engaging with your ideal clients – and posting content matters more.

Turning connections into cash

Nothing I teach happens overnight. It only works if you do the work. With time, patience, and consistency, however, LinkedIn can help you to build a profitable coaching business.

Helen Pritchard

 About Helen Pritchard

Winner of the 2020 FSB Awards ‘High Growth Business of the Year’ and 2019 EVA ‘Internet Industry Award’, online marketing specialist Helen Pritchard is on a mission to help millions of people go from struggle to success.

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