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How Personal Is Too Personal For Social Media? By Torie Mathis

by | In the Magazine, Torie Mathis

You’ve been told that you should show your personal side, even when you’re using social media for your business.

Personalizing your content and interactions puts a human face on your coaching business. This is how you build real, authentic relationships. But how personal is too personal for a coach?

No “Big Talk”

The type of personal content we share on social media falls under the category of small talk, not “big talk.” You might mention a place you ate today and how it was. You may show a picture of your dog and share a milestone in his or her life. But you would avoid topics like romantic encounters, touchy political issues, or things that annoy you about certain people unless those topics are a central part of your branding.

Your Problems

Venting and complaining about your problems is more likely to annoy than engage your audience. However, there is a right way to discuss problems that can actually boost engagement. The way to do it is to share a problem you faced that is also a common problem of your audience. Get them to discuss the problem with you. Even better, offer a solution to this common problem or ask your audience to share theirs.

Shouldn’t Have Said That

Before posting strong opinions or anything personal, remember that this goes on your permanent record. Read back over it to make sure it isn’t something that might come back to haunt you later. Once you unleash it upon the world, it could be there forever. (Think of the teachers, actors and public officials that have been fired or worse over remarks on social media – ask yourself if it’s worth it.)

Personal Info

Keep in mind that any personal information you put out there could be accessed by data collectors for a variety of reasons. If you publish something like your address or share pictures of your children you may be making these available to the public.

That’s Not What I Meant

Before posting, always read your content to make sure that it won’t get taken the wrong way. Stories abound on the internet of people making a harmless joke that blew up in their faces and caused major damage to their brand image. Everyone may not be “in on it,” so make sure that your content won’t be misunderstood.

Think About Others

Finally, tread very carefully with the privacy of others. Don’t share personal details about your clients or other people unless these are things you know they are open about, themselves. You can always ask them to make sure before posting.

Now is a great time to show your personality on social media, just take in consideration how personal you want to be first.

 About Torie Mathis 

Best-Selling Author and international speaker Torie Mathis is the founder and CEO of Lake Shark Media, a multi-media marketing agency that focuses on helping small businesses stand out as the expert choice in a crowded market. She also teaches solopreneurs and micro-business owners how to grow their business with smart marketing, automation, and digital tools and a success mindset. Torie is a Certified Business Coach, a Jack Canfield Trainer in the Success Principles, and a proud Army Veteran. You can get FREE resources and training at

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