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How I Enrolled My First $2500 Coaching Client Using Facebook Text Chat by Anoop Chawla

by | Anoop Chawla, In the Magazine

I enrolled my first $2500 coaching client back in 2017, and compared to what I know now I knew nothing.

But still, I was able to enroll a $2500 coaching client using nothing but my Facebook text chat.

I was so scared of saying something stupid that I didn’t even ask the prospect to get on a strategy call.

But this article is not just about how I did it, it’s also about the lessons I learned from my first high ticket sale, so you can benefit from them as well.

Sounds good?
Alright, let’s get started.

Facebook Text Chat

Back in 2017 when I was learning the ropes of Facebook organic marketing.

I just created my free FB group called “Awaken the super coach”.

To attract group members I started posting helpful content in other big groups like coaching jungle and coffee with dan.

To be honest, I didn’t have much of a strategy, I was just trying my best to help my audience.

Back then FB lives were the shiny new thing, so a friend convinced me to do one, I was really nervous but still managed to do one.

In Facebook Live, I shared my story.

My story about how I quit the job I hated and started my journey as an online entrepreneur.

I felt like a celebrity sharing my life journey.

But the Live got almost zero engagement…
Well, to be precise it just got one “Like”.
I won’t lie I was sad, I felt nobody cared about me and my journey.

The next day I got a Facebook connection request from a lady to join my free Facebook group, and I approved her in an instant as I wanted more members.

So after approving her I just casually messaged her telling her that she has been approved.

She thanked me, and also said something which was music to my ears: “Anoop, I saw your Facebook live and loved your story”.

I was kind of shocked but in a pleasant way.

Because the Live got almost zero engagement, so naturally I thought nobody even bothered watching the whole thing.

Anyway, I welcomed her once again in my FB group, and off I went.

The next morning I decided to touch base with her and see how she was doing, and if she liked the content in my Facebook group.

Our chat started casually but pretty soon we found ourselves talking about her struggles regarding her coaching business.

Turned out like me she was stuck in a job she hated and wanted to transition full time into the coaching business.

She was in a similar spot where I was a few years back, so I had genuine empathy for her.

The moment I heard about her struggles, my urge to solve her problem got an all-time high, my inner consultant wanted to take over and solve her problems right there.

I wanted to give her free advice.

It made a lot of sense, I mean I came into this business because I wanted to help people.

But I also knew that her problems were deep, and it was not possible to solve them in just in one chat.

So I allowed her to talk instead and I chose to listen.

She kept talking about her problems and I kept listening and asking more questions.

And then the moment came….

I asked her, “Do you think it would make sense to hire someone who has been there and done that, instead of trying to figure it out all by yourself and risking failure”?

Yes, it would be lovely if it’s not too expensive”, she said.

I knew inside my heart that getting her on my coaching program was the right thing to do and it would change her life.

And I didn’t want her to lose this opportunity simply because at the moment she felt it was too expensive for her.

So I did something…

I reframed her argument and asked her:

“Expensive compared to what?”

“You already know you can’t afford to stay in your job forever, living the life you hate, now that’s what is expensive in my opinion”.

She didn’t reply for a minute.
I felt I went too far and lost the sale. But then I heard the Facebook ping… My heart just stopped.

Her message read: “True”.

I smiled and took a deep breath, I knew at this point the sale was already made.

From then on it was just me showing her some testimonials to satisfy her logical mind.

(We make decisions based on our emotions and then justify them with logic).

And there I made a $2500 sale in 25 minutes using nothing but my Facebook messenger text chat.

Lessons Learned

That day I learned a few lessons which I think will help you tremendously:

Lesson #1: Sometimes people won’t like or comment on your post but they are still silently watching you.

Lesson #2: Share your story, you never who you are inspiring.

Lesson #3: The purpose of your strategy session is to understand your client’s problems/pains and get them face to face with them. So they can finally decide to solve them forever. (A win-win here would be if your coaching program is what helps them solve their problems forever.)

Lesson #4: If you are scared of getting on a strategy session, you can close high ticket clients straight from your FB messenger text chat as well, as long as you understand the fundamentals of selling.


I know it was a long post, but I hope you got value from it.

Now I’d like to hear from you:

Have you enrolled your first four-figure coaching client yet?

If so, is there any lesson you would like to share?

If not, what do you think is stopping you?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

Anoop Chawla

 About Anoop Chawla 

Anoop Chawla is an email copywriter and helps coaches and course creators write Infotaining (intended both to entertain people and to give information) emails that sell.

To know more about him visit



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