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Goal Setting Persistence Habit By Brenda Johnson

by | Brenda Johnson

 or even a “You must have one goal that, if you accomplish it, can do more to help you improve your life than any other single goal.”

― Brian Tracy, Goals

How long have you been setting goals? I have set goals for years, but it felt like they were not being met as fast as I set them.

Has the same thing happened to you? 

With your persistence, focus, and habit setting approach perhaps we can find a solution.

Goal Setting

To get started, purchase a notebook that is small enough to carry. Make a numbered list of the things that you want to accomplish.

Put a date for projected completion on each goal.

I write my goals daily.

Some days I have thirteen items on the list and other days I have fifteen and one day I only had ten, but the key is to continue no matter the number of goals on the list.

The objective is to continue onward to make that a 30-day goal. Keep going for 30 days. 

Oh, try not to refer back to the previous day’s goals. Just write them fresh daily.

I have looked back a few days, but I really try not to do that. I find what I write daily is different, slightly daily.

But now I am finding that the goals list is getting clearer and more defined. The list is becoming stronger too.

Every day using that muscle memory has made my goals clearer and I can see myself in my goals too. Some of the things on my list have already come to pass. 

However, they are still different, the wording may be different, the date of completion may be different and some of the lists are totally different, too. 

It is alright that it is different. It will not be the same daily.

Every day you wake up your thoughts may be in different places. So, it is no surprise that the list is not the same.

That makes it fun and more challenging trying to remember all the items for your goals list and adding new items some days that you may have gotten to include.

Having a longer and shorter list some days makes made me laugh at myself.

One of the major things that happen with this daily discipline is persistence.


The keyword is persistence. Without persistence, you may not make it.

There are days you may forget to write down your goals down first thing in the morning, that is fine, just write them as soon as you remember.

Do not miss a day.

It is essential to make it past the 21-day mark straight otherwise, start over with day one. Make writing your goals down a muscle memory exercise. 

Persistence is needed for any business person, therefore use that same persistence to complete this task.

Make it a priority in your life. In your daily habits and then it will become a part of you.

With that goal setting mindset, you may surprise yourself with this achievement.

Especially, once you start to see results. Results is what drives us to finish anything. You may not see results initially, however, since you know you will see results that may drive you onward to push through. 

Persistence is needed for any business person to make a business successful.

If that is your goal and objectives then this will help you build up those business memory muscles.

It may help to strengthen the brain muscle memory.

21-Day Habit

Most of us have heard that habits are created after doing something for 21-days. Especially, if you continue pass that date and it becomes a part of your everyday life.

I have used this for workout’s, savings, years ago smoking, and many other events in life that needed to be changed. 

Groups of us used to have group 21-day fasts.

I remember the year that I fasted bread for 21-days. I lost so much weight by just cutting bread out of my diet.

My waistline thanked me. And seeing the difference makes a difference in our lives to continue the new habit.

I used the same method several years ago to stop eating meat and three years later, I do not eat meat, chicken, or turkey.

I was in love with chicken wings and that was tough, but not impossible because it was done. We can do anything that we set our minds to accomplish.

If you have a bad habit or a new habit that you want to create, the 21-day rule really works.

Especially, if you continue on past that timeframe.

It works well with workout goals too. No matter the workout goal. The main thing is to get started. Most of us have a problem starting.

As well as, many of us have a problem finishing. 


Changing the way that I was setting goals and looking to change and create a habit instead, has made a difference.

Since I have begun to write my goals down daily thereby creating a habit of goal setting, I have gotten results.

For example, I have written a straight list of goals that includes all goals. Personal, business, and physical workout goals, I found that this was the best method when writing daily goals to start.

Rather than have three or four different lists, I have one list.

Every morning, first thing writing the list of goals is the priority. It will only take about ten to fifteen minutes once the habit has begun.

Daily, the list varies with the one-sentence goal, beginning with I have or I am or I make or my business has, is how each sentence is started. And ending with a date.

An example could be, “I have completed the painting of my laundry and family rooms. February 2022.” That is a personal household goal. Or, “my business has grown to over 500 hundred women that are inspired by me on a daily basis. June 2022.” 

Remember, this is a starter list to create the habit.

Once the 21-day habit is created, then the goals can become more specific and detailed.

The objective for now is to create the muscle memory habit of writing your goals daily in order to perform the task on a daily basis for 30 days to start. 

What will happen, once your pass the 21-day habit and reach 30 days, you will not want to quit. Especially, when you start seeing results because your focus is on your success and list of items that are important to achieve.

In the Good Book, it tells us to ‘write the vision down for it is set for an appointed time.’ T

he world, universe, atmosphere begins to react to this system and the goals seem to roll off the paper onto the world. 

The results that I have seen are real.

The exercise goals are easy, just do the exercise and watch the results occur in your body.

The financial goals can be seen if for example, you save 10% out of every $1000 dollars that touches your hands. You will see the money in your saving account, for example, that will grow monthly, just ensure you have designated it for a specific purpose. If you want to set up a savings account for you children that can only be withdrawn when they reach 18, you can do so here.

It can be an emergency fund, a savings fund, a vacation fund or an investment fund which you can utilize with the aid of the Kiana Danial course.

Whatever you designate the money to be used for make sure it is only used for that purpose. The other purpose for the goals is to control your habits for the focused purpose only.

Discipline yourself to follow whatever you have designed the fund to be used for. The fun part is to watch it grow.

One of my goals was to write for five magazines. I have had magazines contacting me to write articles for them.

I have not reached out to them they have reached out to me.

Another goal was financial, to pay off a specific bill. That bill was paid in full. Several days ago after receiving an email from the company stating congratulations your bill is paid in full, I jumped for joy with excitement.

The goal here is not to try and explain why or how it works, I can only attest that it is working.

I make no guarantees for you and your life, but I would love to hear your feedback about your experience after at least several weeks into the process.

Start Today

What better time to start on your Goal Setting Persistence Habit? Today is always the best day to start anything.

Let me know how it has worked for you after you have consistently written down your goals for at least three weeks.

Perhaps, if you continue to miss days, just start over.

There is nothing wrong with starting over again. Your persistence is the key to victory for your life.

I am excited for you. Get started now. And I will meet you on the other side of your Goal Setting Persistence Habit.

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