Glenis Gassmann

Glenis Gassmann


Considering moving into the lucrative, fulfilling Business Coaching profession? 
I mentor Business Coaches in a system of strategies that will generate new leads and results for themselves and clients leveraging your time to allow for those others things you want to do in life.
If you are not ready to retire and have solid business acumen, this opportunity could provide you with the lifestyle you want and the fulfillment you get from seeing others succeed.

“Former Accountant Turned Mega Successful Business Strategist & Marketer ”  

*** WHAT I DO! 
I provide Business Coaches with an automated turn-key business system solution to grow and expand their business. Top them up with a Business Academy education system that will leverage your time and deliver more value. 

You will earn more and be more effective in less time with a back end system all done for you. No need to reinvent the wheel. Work from anywhere in the world and belong to a global community of like-minded professionals that are globally committed and focused on reducing the business failure rate.

**** HOW I DO IT!
I come with a global team of highly sought after professionals and we provide you with and train you in powerful lead generation and sales conversion strategies. Your own online Google for Business  – the Education system is a leveraging tool you use to coach and mentor your clients to obtain more customers and more profits. 

Demand for Business Coaching is high, as the success rate for Businesses worldwide is declining. Your Business Success is deliberate, not accidental and we need to act now and fast to stay in business. No more wasting money on Marketing and Advertising that doesn’t work. We have the solution to remedy the business failure where everyone wins.  

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