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Effectively Communicate Your Way to Big Results By Jen DeVore Richter

by | In the Magazine, Jen DeVore Richter

If you are struggling with attracting new clients into your coaching business, you have a failure to communicate.

If you want more opportunities, more people to serve, and more profits, you need to do one thing: communicate more.

You need to use the right communication strategies effectively reach as many people as possible if you want to shorten your path to success.

An effective communicator needs to do a few things:

  • Have something good to say
  • Say it well
  • Say it often
  • Say it to a receptive audience of the right people

Have Something Good To Say

What is your message? Effective communication begins with knowing exactly what point you are trying to make.

As a business coach, it is important to know what problem you solve and what solution you offer as a new opportunity. What are you willing to point to as the saving grace to your clients?

I know that the #1 problem my small business owner clients face is that they are tired of chasing after new business one lead at a time and can’t rely on word of mouth alone to grow their business and meet their goals.

The solution I champion is Attraction Marketing. I shout from the rooftops in an effort to convince and persuade small business owners to adopt scalable marketing strategies because I truly believe it is the answer they are looking for.

An action for you is to name the solution you are trying to sell your clients and package it as a new opportunity.

Say It Well

My communication secret for business coaches who are trying to get people to listen to them is to simplify your message. Make it tight and bright.

The easiest way to position yourself for success is to document out your proven process in a simple and easy to understand path.

For example, I have created an Attraction Marketing Profit Process™ that consists of 6 pillars that I believe to be the most important areas for service providers to master:

  1. Authority & Credibility
  2. Audience to Serve
  3. Lead Generation
  4. Conversion Conversations
  5. Irresistible Offers
  6. Client Results

I have turned this process into a book, events, videos, and even a new online quiz all with the purpose of generating new business.

An action for you is to document out your unique proven process to make communicating your value proposition simpler and easier.

Say It Often

I hate to break it to you, but doing a post a week, having one event, writing a couple of blogs, and hoping that you’ll have clients beating down your door isn’t going to cut it.

If you want to build a sustainable business, you will need to get into a regular rhythm of communication.

Here’s the basic communication activity schedule that works for me:


-Multiple engagement posts in my Facebook group

-Comment on others social posts

-Connect with strategic partners

-Lead follow up

-Sales conversations


-Release YouTube video

-Send an email with video to nurture my email subscriber list

-Podcast Interview


-Host webinar

-Speaking engagement on someone else’s stage


-Release new printed and online magazine issue

-Release a new lead magnet

An action for you to take is to outline your daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly communication schedule for 2021.

Say it to a receptive audience of the right people.

If your content is falling on deaf ears, the solution is to find people that want to listen. If your content marketing efforts have been largely unsuccessful up to this point, then there is a mismatch between what you’re saying, where you’re saying it, and who you’re saying it to.

Do you know these things about your perfect people?

What do they love?

What do they hate?

What are their problems?

What are your solutions?

What products/tools do they use?

What stories do you have that they can relate to?

What motivates them?

What keeps them up at night?

What do they want others to think about them?

An action to take would be to interview at least five of your prospects and generate a list of 10 answers for each of the above questions.

This will ensure that you are truly tapping into their hearts and minds.

Effectively Communicate Your Way to Big Results By Jen DeVore Richter
Jen DeVore Richter

 About Jen DeVore Richter

Jen currently is a highly sought after media personality. Her creative approach to business has been published in two co-authored books: Amplify Your Business: The Rockstar Professional’s Guide to Marketing Success and The Rockstar Professional’s 90 Day Action Planner. Her ideas were also featured in the internationally published Top 50 Marketing Secrets of Successful Women. To access Jen’s $108K Perfect PR Pitch Template at NO COST, please visit:

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