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Business Coaching Tips From A Heavyweight Champ with Chris Kling

by | Chris Kling, In the Magazine | 0 comments

Here’s an interview where Floyd Mayweather says that he’d beat Manny Pacquiao “100 out of 100 times” LOL.

If your reaction is, “This guy is a rude, in your face cocky jerk,” that’s what he’s going for. This is the type of behavior most boxing fans respond positively to – and Mayweather knows it!! This isn’t the chess club – and by the way, I’m 6’5”.

Floyd Mayweather has been fighting for a LONG time and I remember the first time I saw him get interviewed. I wasn’t sure if I was annoyed or impressed. But I was SOMETHING?!? And he got this reaction from me – “OMG, I hate this guy.”

But then I came around. I discovered he’s proud, funny, arrogant, in your face and just tells it the way he sees it.

Regardless of his ridiculous and cave-man like behavior, Mayweather is not only an incredible boxer but he’s an incredible marketer—one of the best in the business.

Mayweather’s marketing instincts make him one of the richest (and most popular – love him or hate him, you can’t help but pay attention) athletes in the world. His last fight is said to have brought him $220,000,000 for ONE FIGHT!!

Top billed MMA fighters are making PEANUTS in comparison.

And when the guy spends money, he spends MONEY!!!

Mayweather’s salary allows him to drop insane amounts of money on things the average person can’t begin to dream of:

•He has a $6.4 million dollar watch collection

•He bet $1.1 million on a college football game (Oregon – and they won)

HE drives a $1 million dollar Bugatti Veyron. Maybe a little extravagant in the average family man’s eyes – but you know what?

He’s got a few hundred million saved up and the person judging him does not. Their opinion of him is of zero consequence.

Reality 101 is this…

When you train with the best to be the BEST, not only at what you do, but the MARKETING of what you do — you make more money than you can spend.

So much money that you can spend it doing whatever, with whomever you want (within reason I suppose) and still have stacks of cash to spare.

•Want to splurge on red line tickets to the Stanley Cup Finals (Go Leafs!!)?  No problem.

•Want to travel around the world on a cruise ship for a few months? You can.

•Want to buy a Ferrari, 5 Series Mercedes and a Range Rover? Do it.

The significantly more important question is; how do you build the marketing muscle to be able to make your marketing work on this level?

Warning: It’s tough and takes time; thousands of business coaches try to “crack the code” year in and year out, and unfortunately, it doesn’t end well.

Therefore and without further ado… let me walk you through Floyd Mayweather’s 6 Secrets To KNOCKING IT OUT OF THE PARK with his Marketing and Promotion:

1. Total Clarity

Every time Floyd Mayweather sits in front of the microphone, or jumps in the ring, he’s 100% committed to an OUTCOME. He is not working from a to-do list and hoping things get done. He is working toward a very clear and desired result.

It’s also very important that you’re authentic here. Bravado only works when you can pull it off – and it’s not the only way to be bold and to get noticed.

2. Be Obsessed

Marriages break up over ‘lack of money’ 100 times more than over ‘lack of love’.  When businesses fail it’s a rough deal for those involved and those close to it.

I’m comfortable saying I’m 100% grade A OBSESSED with helping small business owners so they do not have to face the same challenges that I did.

Floyd Mayweather is OBSESSED with punching people in the face. You can see it in every fight and in every interview he does. For years he has devoted every waking hour to becoming a better fighter because that’s his OBSESSION.

You need to have that same obsession for YOUR coaching. Not just for speaking and touting yourself as a business coach, but also for genuinely helping business owners – despite their unwillingness to execute. And then you need to communicate that obsession for helping them in your marketing. Scream from the mountain tops that you’re OBSESSED with what you do and that you LOVE to help business owners get results.

On FB, LI, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc… talk about results you’re getting for yourself and your clients (must be done in a measured way) constantly. Business owners and coaching clients will magically start finding their way towards you.

The reality is that business coaching is a results-based activity. If you have a strong desire to get results for small business owners, and if you have a passion for your clients, it will show in your work, and ironically will take you, your coaching business and your success to incredible new levels.

3. In Your Face

The perception of the average boxer is a bonehead who can hardly form a proper sentence.  Mayweather ALWAYS has something of interest to say. The fact he comes across as an intelligent businessman sets him apart and makes boxing fans, from one side of the globe to the other, adore him.

No need for a business coach to be as “in your face” as Floyd Mayweather, but getting the attention of small business owners is a big part of the marketing game.

It’s the same with business coaches. Ninety percent say the same old platitudes like “I’ll help you improve your business and revenues” – “I’ll power up your online presence” – “I’ll help you get great results.” Unfortunately, business owners are hearing it from all sides and not responding to these generic claims anymore.

Instead of using clichés like “I will help you improve your business and revenues,” you say this instead:

$10,000 Dollar Turnaround For Chiropractors With Karl Bryan

I Help Local Chiropractors Find $10,000 in 45 Minutes – Without Spending a Cent On Marketing Or Advertising!

BOOM—how incredibly specific, compelling and attention-grabbing is that (10k in 45 minutes)? Where others are spewing out the same old same old – say something compelling, different and attention-grabbing so you stand out from the crowd. Then watch the referrals and word of mouth double.

4. Confidence

Let’s use copy from one of our business coaches as an example:

“I live for challenging, distinctive small business marketing challenges that other coaches and consultants wouldn’t go near if their life depended on it. I work with a team of global business coaches and creative masterminds at LPW who provide extraordinary, one-of-a-kind business and marketing solutions.

Call me with your most pressing marketing challenge—even one that appears impossible on the surface — and I’ll create a bullet proof game-plan on paper… flawlessly execute to deliver financial breakthroughs beyond your marketing budgets loftiest expectations… and then back that claim up with a 300% written ROI guarantee so there is ZERO doubt that I will deliver results!”

If you were a business owner and read this you couldn’t help but think these guys are the real deal and that your marketing dollars were in good hands.

When you’re marketing business coaching services, you need bullet-proof confidence and repetition to drive that confidence home to your prospects. Why? Your confidence is infectious.

Floyd Mayweather is a poster boy for confidence. He truly believes he can beat anyone, in any weight division he enters, and abruptly makes that claim and makes it often.

When small business owners see and hear your confidence and see you backing your abilities, they will believe in you and entrust you with their business – where others will miss the mark completely and say “they’re simply not interested in hiring a coach.”

5. Be Outstanding

If you’re going to scream from the mountain top how amazing you are, you need to be able to back it up every step of the way.

Floyd Mayweather has captured world championships in 5 separate weight classes, is undefeated and an eight time world champion.

Mayweather backs up all his bravado. If you’re going to start talking a good game in the coaching profession you’ll need to back it up as well.

If you say you provide amazing financial results, you need to make sure you create a baseline with your client and increase those revenues in a multitude of different ways (if you need to know how, just ask me or take a test drive of our Profit Acceleration Software™).

If you say you can increase traffic to their website… you need to measure it and back it up. If you say you can create a referral strategy to double referrals, it needs to happen. No excuses. No extension of deadlines. You just need to back it up lock, stock and barrel.

Bottom line – if you fail to deliver on your loud and impressive marketing promises, the word will get out and you’ll be in trouble.

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”  Warren Buffett

6. Be Credible

Don’t just stay current – stay “cutting-edge.” Find the experts in your niche that always deliver solid content, strategies and tactical advice. “Learn from the best to be the best” – as the old saying goes. That has never been more true than today.

Remember I said earlier that coaches all claim they can get their client’s results. Don’t tell them that – SHOW THEM! Find some way to deliver results during your initial meeting with them. For example, my company currently works with more than 500 coaches in 24 countries.

We teach them 8 simple strategies they can use when they first meet with a prospect – and they use those strategies to find that prospect more than $10,000 in less than 45 minutes, without that prospect spending a cent on marketing or advertising. Making more money is every business owner’s “hot button,” and these strategies deliver on that hot button every time.

Naturally when you convince any business owner that you can make them more money than you charge them for your services, they will hire you on the spot, but you can’t just TELL THEM that – you have to SHOW THEM you can do it. You need to develop a similar process that you KNOW will enable you to uncover additional revenue the business owner doesn’t know exists.

Once you do, you will dominate your market!

Are You Ready To KNOCK OUT Your Competition?

Follow the Floyd Mayweather coaching blueprint and you’ll be on your way to becoming one of the biggest, baddest and richest business coaches in your area and / or niche.

If you’re looking for someone to be waiting in your corner when you turn around after a long round, we can help you.

I’ll show you how to get coaching clients immediately by simply following my proven step-by-step system.  If you’re interested book a time to chat with me here:

Thanks for tuning in,

Chris Kling


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Chris Kling and his company help business coaches get small business coaching clients… PERIOD! Chris has supported and helped over 500 coaches in 24 countries with an online coaching and lead generation platform as well as their Profit Acceleration Software™. Speak with Chris for 15 minutes and he will change your life and career.

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