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Black Friday is coming with Justin Brooke

by | In the Magazine, Justin Brooke

Black Friday is coming and if you’re smart you’re already writing your email broadcasts or advertorials.

Black Friday

But remember WHY buyers use the Internet.

They aren’t using the Internet to look for more to buy. Today’s consumer is DROWNING in options. And Black Friday is like trying to drink straight from the fire hydrant.

Noob = Put options in their face
Amateur = Put researched options in their face
Pro = Help them pick from all the options in their face

Read that again.

Really grok this.

All of the airlines, JetBlue, Delta, Virgin, etc all have their own perfectly working websites. Yet, where do people buy tickets???

The smart people use comparison engines like Kayak or Travelocity to find a good deal and the REALLY smart people use price alert newsletters.

People go to the Internet because they want you to help them decide what to buy, not to just offer more decisions.

People aren’t looking for something to buy on Black Friday. They have already been thinking about what to buy and likely have a wish list already built.

If you try to help them build a NEW wishlist you’ll just create more decision fatigue for them. You’ll be more of the problem, not the solution.

Your job this holiday season is to provide the 3 C’s every consumer is dying for.

And Comparison.

They want you to help them pick which 3 of the 68 things on their list they should actually buy.

They want you to help them not get in trouble by their spouse for spending too much money.

They want you to help them look like a star to their friends for being the type of person who always finds the BEST deals.

A poker noob plays to the cards he’s holding, but a pro plays to the player holding the cards. The products are the cards, and the consumer is the player.

Don’t play to the cards, play to the player.

Add a comparison table to your emails.
Add a “editors pick” to your advertorial.
Add a top 3 choices to your blog/vlog/social post.

Do this and you’ll win big this holiday season.

Justin Brooke

 About Justin Brooke

Justin Brooke is the founder of Adskills. We are the world's largest online school for digital advertising. We teach advertisers how to install proven campaign frameworks tested first with our own dollars.

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